The Faltering Economy Of America Leading To The Scary Rise Of China

10 Finance Tips For People in Their Forties

I recently turned forty. This is not something I like to broadcast, and not just because it is impolite for a lady to discuss her age. I do find I must console myself at times as I come to the realization that I have reached middle age. When we are younger, we dream of achieving so many goals and dreams – we want to be firefighters or President of the United States. Then we hit forty and we dream of one day retiring. Lately, I’ve wondered if I’ll come close.

A Little Hedging Can Go A Long Way

Traditionally, summer is when Wall Street goes into a mild state of hibernation with a lot of traders and investment bankers taking vacations. Not so this past summer, where traders were sort of on edge with all that’s been happening – the debt ceiling issue at home, America’s credit downgrade, uncertainty about GDP growth, sovereign debt crises in Europe, the Arab Spring, and so on.

Getting a Better Rate For Your Savings

It’s a tough world for savers at the moment. Low interest rates coupled with high inflation has hit savings hard. In times like these it is especially important to get your savings working as hard as possible, but how can you get a better rate for your money?

Bank Freedom Prepaid Card

The Bank Freedom Prepaid Mastercard gives you guaranteed approval. You will have access to free direct deposit. Find out the details on the fees and conditions of this offer.

Things Nobody Told You About When Choosing A Financial Mentor

We all have mentors in our life. Our parents. Our friends. Our significant others. People who answer our questions, unravel life’s mysteries and, ultimately, set our feet on the path to success.

Early Cash Before Retirement – Pension Release

Numerous people are struggling within the current financial situation. If you are aged 55 and above, you are entitled to pension release up to 25 percent in a tax free, lump sum amount before the date of retirement. Pension unlocking, or better known as pension release, is referred to the release of funds from one’s pension early.

Don’t Chance It – Get an Independent Financial Adviser

An independent financial adviser isn’t tied to a single institution, so can offer a range of financial products to help your money grow. They can guide you through many different aspects of financial planning. With the state of the economy as it is, professional help from financial advisers is essential.

Getting The Best Mortgage Relief

With so many scams and non-reputable companies competing for homeowner attention during their toughest times, many people have become fearful of seeking help with their mortgage debts. Recent reports of foreclosure scams and mortgage modification schemes have tarnished the good name of many legitimate companies that offer invaluable services to homeowners in need. Before you shy away from a potential lifeline, get to know what to look for and the right questions to ask to protect yourself when shopping around for mortgage relief options.

Is Social Security Really Going Broke?

It seems to be the question I receive just about every day from retirees who are asking, boomers who are asking and young families who are asking. Let’s face it…everyone is asking and they all seem to be extremely concerned about their financial futures! Well, my response to this question is a resounding No!

Essential Tips You Must Know After Winning The Lottery

What is your biggest fear with regards to winning the lottery? Many people fear that they will never have a winning ticket because the odds of winning the lottery are not in their favor. Others worry about the money that they will waste on lottery tickets because they are too unlucky to ever have a chance at winning the lottery.

Sole Purpose Test for Superannuation

There are many types of superannuation or retirement savings available today. Self-managed super funds or SMSF is one of most regulated types of superannuation. While it gives the trustee the freedom to make the choices that are most suitable to them, it is also highly regulated in terms of administration, taxation, reporting and auditing.

Self-Managed Super Funds Tax Rules

Preparing for your retirement is an essential part of your working life. Whether you are in your 50s or still in your early 20s, it is never too early to prepare. A popular way to prepare for retirement are self managed super funds (SMSFs). Many find the freedom and flexibility of administering and managing your own fund preferable to being part of a larger fund.

Manage Your Self-Managed Super Funds With A Professional

All of us look forward to the time when we retire. Though retirement means that we are older, it also means that we get to enjoy the rest of our time for resting, traveling or having time to just focus on ourselves. It means we stop worrying about work. However, not all people who retire get to enjoy these luxuries because they have not adequately planned for their retirement.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Power of Attorney Template

Using a power of attorney template is a simple method for creating legal documents that authorize an agent to take care of financial or healthcare transactions on your behalf. There are four primary kinds of POA forms that include: limited, durable, general, and medical. Each type of power of attorney template contains specific legalese to ensure the document is legally binding.

Be Sure Of Your Short Sale

Deciding on a plan to help you avoid foreclosure is not easy. Further, you must make sure that your lender agrees with the plan before you can be sure you will not lose your home to a foreclosure proceeding. While many people seek help through a short sale, not everyone is knowledgeable about the process. There are a few downsides to a short sale, but you can minimize their effects by being prepared and arming yourself with knowledge.

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