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Financial Literacy Strategy

Do you have a financial literacy strategy in place or are you just hoping for a good outcome? Being financial literacy means that you have an understanding of how finance works. It also means that you have been taught the basics about finance and are able to make sound decisions regarding your overall financial plan. Having a financial literacy strategy in place is definitely required.

Should Adults Use Piggy Banks?

Saving money is something that all of us should aspire to. It could be that you want to buy a gift for a loved one, but you cannot get the money for it all at once.

Considering Buying A Piggy Bank For Grown-Ups? Read This First!

The practice of saving money has been around with us for a very long time. Over the years, it has become important to save for various reasons.

A Few Tips About Piggy Banks and Money Management

For many of us who started saving when we were kids, it is likely that our first receptacle for putting money in was a piggy bank. Are there lessons to be learnt about the management of finances in the use of piggy banks?

How Do I Qualify for Home Equity Release?

Home Equity Release is a way for people of a certain age releasing money tied up in the home which they will never have to repay, but how do you know if you will qualify? This article will spell out what the basic criteria is for you to qualify.

Diversifying Business Wealth: Setting Up Benefits

I was talking with an accountant last week about some of the ideas that entrepreneurs seem to miss when they are running their business. Business owners often focus on using the business to pay for their car or cell phone, but many wait to pull out hard dollars until they see a big payday somewhere in the future.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring A Financial Advisor

As you become more successful in your chosen career or business, it is natural that your net worth will build up as well. Consequently, this will also quickly make your money situation a lot more complex than before.

What Going On With The Economy Nowadays?!

Are you too wondering what is going on with the economy today? Seriously… things are getting pretty weird and awkward. One thing I always like to touch on is the gas prices… like seriously?

The Retirement Reality

In finance, the focus of any discussion is to the future. You are detailing the various steps that you will take to ensure retirement. Everything is a means to that end. How much money do you have? How much do you need? How are you going to get it? This article discusses the coming reality of the generation following the Baby Boomers. With such a huge percentage of the population heading into retirement, there are going to be many changes to our social programs. Unless people are educated about these changes, many will find themselves in financial need. I would like to inform and perhaps guide people with a series of articles regarding financial planning. I hope that you are able to gain something from my articles to assist you in planning your future.

How to Develop Responsible Money Management Skills

This article will look at how one can develop money management skills. If you find yourself constantly living on the edge, this article will highlight a few techniques which might benefit you, and make life a little more enjoyable.

Why Aren’t You Rich?

How would you like for your weekly income to be the amount that you now receive monthly? Do you believe this is possible?

Are Zero Per Cent Balance Transfer Deals Right For You?

Zero per cent balance transfers are a great way of paying down debt, though they are rare, they are out there. A zero per cent deal lets you transfer existing debt on to a new card that charges on interest on the debt that has been transferred for a limited time. In this article I outline some of the things to consider before applying for a zero credit balance transfer deal.

What You Need To Know Before You Cancel Your Credit Card

If you want to cancel your credit card permanently, there is a procedure that needs to be followed which involves more than simply cutting up your card with a pair of scissors. This article outlines some of the medium and long terms risks that could be caused when taking the simple step of terminating a credit card agreement.

Stock Portfolio Building for a Full Time Trader

Selection of stocks for portfolio building is an arduous task for a full time trader. These are my thoughts and on how I started building sets of stock portfolios for day trading purpose.

Boat Financing Can Be Achieved Even With Bad Credit

Bad credit doesn’t seem good to combine with boat financing. People who are in this situation have now the options to get a boat even if their history is a little bit cloudy to consider acquiring a vessel.

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