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20 Tips to Keep From Spending Money

Recently I have had people ask how they can keep from spending. It’s hard to say no to yourself when the urge to spend strikes. Here are 20 tips to stop spending:

How to Start Planning for Your Retirement

Retirement planning isn’t some thing you decide to do after you have a lot of money saved and decide to visit with a financial advisor. Instead, it’s something you must start doing as soon as you get your initial job out of high school or college. You should not wait until it is too late to save the money you need for retirement. Here are some tips on how to get started preparing for your retirement.

How to Succeed in Handling Your Personal Finances

A lot of consumers today are looking for information that they can use to responsibly manage their personal finances. If you belong to this set of consumers, then this article is made just for you.

A True Story Of How Important Financial Planning and Life Insurance Is

There are many service men unmindful of the significance of financial planning and life insurance. That’s because men in the military service are paid substantial amounts; but without saving for the future they could end up broke.

Key Ingredients for Online Banking

Managing personal and business finances has never been easier! Direct depositing of employee paychecks has become the norm.

Car Crash Claim Tips

No matter how good a driver you are, accidents can happen anytime anywhere. This article explains the steps to take if you have been involved in a car accident and intend to make a compensation claim.

Top 6 Tips on Affordable Caravan Insurance

Whether you’re planning a tour of Europe in your caravan or relaxing in your static caravan, it’s essential you get the best insurance cover for your caravan and for your own good include content cover with your insurance cover. Travelling abroad in your caravan or motorhome could be the best time of your life with careful planning. So it makes perfect sense that all your worldly possessions along with your caravan are protected.

Plan to Reduce 7.8 Billion GBP Per Annum in Compensation Payouts

This is a huge cost to UK businesses in payouts, excesses and insurance premiums and the Government now plan to tackle the problem head on. The bureaucracy and red tape surrounding health and safety and the often unwarranted compensation payouts that have accompanied it will be targeted to bring a more practical and balanced approach to what can be a real problem area for many small and medium sized businesses.

Major Change to Holiday Compensation Claims

A recent change in European law may mean a change to the way compensation claims are processed for injuries suffered abroad and the amount of compensation awarded. Up until now holiday makers and travelers abroad have been able to claim compensation under English law with the convenience of being able to instruct UK based solicitors to pursue their claims through the English legal process. It was confirmed last week by senior judges that injury claims as a result of an incident abroad, which took place before January 2009, will now be processed according to the laws of the country where the incident occurred.

Too “Even Bigger to Fail”

We thought the banks were “too big to fail” before the 2008 crash. Well, guess what, they are even bigger today!

Early Retirement Planning Ideas

Early retirement is a dream for many of us but so few actually make it happen! In order to retire early you need to do some simple but careful planning. The only thing between you and your dream of early retirement is a disciplined savings plan, start now and live your dream!

Five Lessons In Personal Finance You Must Never Forget

Managing money is no rocket-science. No jargon! No heavy-duty calculations! No exotic products! Plain vanilla products are good enough to make you a millionaire. Just do a few simple things rights and you can’t go wrong with your millionaire-aspirations.

Does Money Buy Happiness – I Don’t Think So

Does money buy happiness? I don’t think so. I can buy stuff, for sure, but it doesn’t buy happiness. In fact, quite often, the opposite is true.

Residual Income – What Is It?

Recently I was talking with a young man (Steven) who had expressed an interest in diversifying his sources of income. He explained to me that he had an okay job, but he added that he really could use an extra three to four hundred dollars a month.

Keeping And Spending Money: Wise Personal Finance Ideas

You should have learned how to manage money when you were a kid. If you were not educated on handling your personal finances or if you want to better your skills, have faith. It is possible to increase your financial education whenever you want to. The following is some essential personal finance advice.

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