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Unleashing The Power Within To Achieve Success

Everyone has amazing powers within themselves. Leaders have learned to unleash those powers to great advantage. Financial success can be found by unleashing the powers and using them.

Families Facing Financial ‘Crisis’ Point

Having enough money is an important part of feeling happy and secure – and with the cost of just about everything on the rise, ‘enough’ can often seem like a lot more than we have! The key to getting your finances on track is changing the way you do things so you can make the most of every cent you have and ease some of the pressure of scraping together enough cash to make ends meet.

Existing Halifax Bank Account Customers Can Get 5 GBP a Month Too

You may have heard about the Halifax Reward account, where you get a flat bonus of 5 (GBP) each month you deposit at least 1,000 (GBP). This deal is available to new customers and existing customers with Halifax bank accounts.

Quick Savings on Fast Food

Regardless of the reasons, many of us end up making a quick trip through the drive through lane from time to time. Unfortunately, frequent stops can add up to put a dent in your budget. Fear not. There are some simple ways to save money while enjoying the convenience of fast food.

Living in a Budget

The only alternative to face your debt and address all of your financial needs is to have a well planned personal finance budget. A budget can help you take control of your expenses and allocate income steadily to reduce debt and help take care of your financial needs. However, once you have succeeded in reducing your debt and have managed to control your expenses with your budget, it is time to increase your savings.

With Savings Rates Lower Than Inflation, Should I Bother Saving?

Inflation has gone up and savings rates have come down so is there any point in saving any more? I talk you through the various options available to you so you can choose where’s best to put your hard-earned cash.

Funding Your Trust: A Critical Estate Planning Step

If you have created an estate plan with the help of a professional financial advisor, and your estate plan includes a trust, don’t forget an important step. All too often, people assume the estate-planning process is over once your attorney has prepared your trust document. But that’s not always the case.

Financial Planning the Right Way: Mapping Your Future With a Professional Financial Advisor

Anyone can write a financial plan, or at least it seems that way. You can consult your banker, go to a brokerage firm, or hire someone who calls himself or herself a financial planner to prepare a plan for you. Financial planning simply isn’t that complicated, right?

Budgets Aren’t Hard! Tips to Start One Today

Budgeting, the big “B”. I know a lot of people shutter at the idea of having to budget. To me budgeting is planning out every dollar you anticipate receiving over the next year. Piece of cake!! Right? Right!

How to Save Taxes While Banking and Save Cash While Saving Taxes

It’s true, there’s a way to save taxes by making a few simple changes in the way you bank. First let’s examine how we do our banking now. We invest very little thought into our traditional ways. We are truly creatures of habit, and everyone knows that not all habits are productive. The average of interest rates on deposit rates is usually 4 to 6% lower than the average of the loans rates. That’s how the Banks make their profits, in addition to their service charges. So why do we keep money in low interest savings accounts? Probably because our traditional mortgages are not flexible. We have to play it safe. We need to make sure we have enough prudent reserve saved for a rainy day. We need to make sure our contractual payments are made on our mortgage also. This is one month’s saving of $2,950 for the people in our example. That’s $2,950 lower balance than the traditional mortgage balance in one month. How long will it take to pay this mortgage off? Compare that to the thirty year amortization used for the traditional mortgage.

Why Saving Money Makes Sense

Why is saving money so hard? Maybe your ideas about money aren’t working for you. Read on to find out why saving money is so important and how to make it make sense for you!

Money Personality: Who Are You?

Most of us have different views regarding money. With these views, we arrive at different results in how we respond to our emotions about it. We sometimes stumble before we arrive at a rational and sound decision for its proper management.

When To Start Planning For Your Retirement

Everyone has an idea of how they want to retire. It typically doesn’t involve working for the rest of their lives. In order to be able to retire comfortably, it requires financial planning. In addition, it means that you have to start early. As the saying goes, you’re never too young to start. This goes for retirement planning, too, even if you really don’t want to think of retirement at an early age.

What to Look For in a Bank CD

These days, you’ll often find a wide variety of options when it comes to buying a bank CD, or Certificate of Deposit. With the rise of online banking, and competitive rates, a is one of the safest places to put your money. A bank CD works like a savings account, except that you’re paid a higher interest rate for keeping your money in the bank for a set period of time.

Which Bank Offers the Best CD Rates?

It seems like a simple question, but the answer changes on a daily basis. There are plenty of worthwhile websites that provide you at-a-glance information on which banks offer the highest CD rates, but there’s no “set in stone” answer.

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