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How to Overcome the Credit Crunch, Part 1

Times have been hard for the majority of the population lately – the credit crunch has hit many hard. The important thing is how we deal with these difficulties and how we overcome any obstacles that may arise. This article summarises some ideas to saving money during these times.

Preserving Your Cash Flow and Growing It

Earning money and growing money are two different things. I discuss the mindset needed to keep earning and growing your cash.

What Is Unsecured Debt And How You Can Leverage It To Eliminate Debt

There are two main types of debt: secured and unsecured debt. Unsecured debt is credit that does not require collateral as security for a loan. An example of this would be the ever-familiar credit card bill.

Four Vital Questions to Answer Before You Hire a Financial Advisor

A financial advisor can help you answer questions ranging from “should I refinance my house?” to “how do I handle these stock options?” Most advisors can answer specific questions, organize and orient your overall financial picture, shed light on budget realities and provide tips to reduce or control spending, assess your retirement savings, furnish a much-needed wake-up call regarding your debt or savings relative to your personal goals, check to be sure you have all of the basic insurance you need and whether there are other holes in your financial plan, provide investment recommendations and, if advanced, they will understand how to structure your estate and business for protection, distribution and taxes. So how do you find and evaluate an advisor to know if they will be a great fit for you? The following four major questions will give you a good start.

5 Causes of Financial Stress

There was an old saying in Wall Street to buy “when there is blood in the street.” Some historians attribute to this famous saying to people who commit suicide after the market crashes.

The Divergent Paths of Commodities and Stocks

Commodity investment is on the rise. For savvy investors diversification matters now more than ever! Low correlation to stocks and bonds means investment in a managed futures program just might save your tail!

Consumer Debt Counseling Tips To Wipe Out Your Credit Card Debt

If you are being troubled by your financial obligations, decide to have a consumer debt counseling service. You should have proper guidance and assistance on your way towards getting out of debt.

Three Ways to Get Help Paying Bills

If you are having trouble making your paycheck stretch to the end of the month, then you are actually in the majority of Americans. This is a common problem, especially since so many people have been hit hard by the recession. However, burying your head in the sand won’t help you, and if you need help paying bills then you need to fight the problem like you are fighting a war.

Consumer Debt Advocates Can Give You Debt Relief

Find yourself a partner in dealing with financial stress. Consumer debt advocates will work with you in the process of obtaining debt relief.

Alternative Ways to Get Help With Bills

If you are having problems paying your mortgage, then there are both state and county resources that will help you to renegotiate your loan or get out of your house with as few repercussions as possible. When it comes to student loans, you can always defer them for up to three years while you get yourself back on your feet again.

The Repercussions of Not Paying Bills on Time

If there is one thing that should be taught in our education system today, it is how to be better consumers and managers of debt. Having a credit card and access to credit is something that everyone needs. Without credit, you can’t buy a home, a car, rent a hotel room or even rent a car – but that doesn’t mean that you should abuse it.

How to Make Paying Bills Easier

In the old days, one person in the household, which was often the mother, would sit down once a month at the kitchen table and pay all the bills. Of course, those of us who grew up in the internet age can’t even imagine getting all those bills or stuffing them into envelopes with stamps and checks. It all seems so time-consuming and inefficient. But the truth is that when people did it that way, they were better able to keep track of their spending.

5 Things to Look for When Selecting an Invoice Finance Provider

It’s important that you select the best provider for your invoice finance requirements. We recommend you follow these 5 simple steps when looking for and selecting an invoice factoring provider.

How Elizabeth Taylor Can Teach You About Saving Money Even Now

Elizabeth Taylor was an incredible actress, wife, mother, and person. We can learn so much from her life. Saving money is just one aspect of that lesson.

Tips About How to Divide Up the Grocery Expenses When Living With Roommates

Living with roommates has the potential to either turn into a fantastic experience or a horrendous one, very few people would claim to have a mediocre experience. For better or for worse, I do think everyone should experience it at least once though. They suggest that you don’t room together with your closest friend mainly because you value the relationship so much.

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