Start An Online Business – 6 Simple Steps to Building a SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS

Do We Know the Source of Our Financial Success?

We can learn a lot from Abram. He knew the source of his strength and provision. He knew that he was nothing, and could do nothing, without God. Abram also served as a living testimony to unbelievers. Abram wanted others to see God work in his life so that maybe they, too, would turn to God. Let’s look at three men that God used to show believers and unbelievers that He is the ultimate source.

Top Weekend Jobs Online That Pay Big – Anyone Can Do This

A weekend job online can help you make an extra $200 or more in a single weekend, without ever leaving your home. And the best part is there is no interview process or any kind of nonsense. You just work as much as you like, and the money you earn is immediately deposited into you are account when the work is complete.

Become Rich – A Few Tips on Investing

If you are one of those people who are fed up of grinding yourself day after day for your employer and yet are getting nowhere close to being rich, perhaps you might like to mull over other means to become rich, that too lawfully and quickly. There are loads of likely methods available for the purpose of increasing your wealth. All you ought to do is to decide on the one that suits you best, and work towards the financial success with some thought through tactics.

Logical Ways Of Earning More Money

There are many people who, in spite of living comfortable lives, which for more and wonder how to earn more money so they can buy more things or live more lavishly. A few of the things that can be done to solve this constant “wondering” are presented to you in this article.

How To Retire Early And Live Well

All of us would like to spend our retirement years do the things we have been planning for the last forty years -enjoying life instead of working every day just to get through it. The problem is that many of us didn’t actively plan for our retirement until it was too late. We overestimated our health and underestimated our post-retirement financial needs. Many people’s “nest eggs” won’t last long enough for them to retire early and live well…

The Dominican Republic Economy

The Dominican Republic is an economy that is primarily based on agriculture and tourism. If the United States banned the Dominican Republic from exporting its agricultural goods, then its economy would be severely hurt. However its affect on the tourist market might have the opposite affect.

Is There a Bond Market?

Herding or “running with the pack” is one of a number of well documented psychological biases that inhibit our ability to make rational investment decisions that are not in our objective long term interest. And so are “hindsight bias”, “prediction addiction” and “overconfidence”.

Gold and Silver: The Importance of Gold & Financial Education – Kiyosaki’s Video on Gold and Silver

With all the turmoil and uncertainty in the markets these days, its more important than ever to be increasing your financial education, and specifically with regards to Gold and Silver. As you are no doubt aware, the prices of gold and silver are continuing to climb higher and higher regardless of the rhetoric coming from Congress, the White House or the press. As I type this, gold is at an all-time high of $1293.

West Coast Offense

In the American version of Football, there is a ‘system’ known as the “West Coast Offense” that has become a revolution in sports. Bill Walsh implemented the system as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in the late 1970′s and went on to win three world championships, with two more achieved using this philosophy after Coach Walsh retired.

Castles in the Air

One of the most classic contemporary idiomatic phrases is the notion of a “Castle in the Air” or an unattainable pipe dream that consumes people’s attention. These visions and fantasies are frequently associated with gambling activities such as the Lottery where there is an large prize offered that contestants have an extremely small chance of winning.

No Easy Way Out

Recent news of growth in the Gross Domestic product, and the appearance of home price stabilization have led many to proclaim that the economy has entered into the greatly desired ‘recovery’ that many in the government and news media are fancifully searching for. This appraisal of the current economic situation is based on past experience with brief and shallow recessions that were immediately followed by a sharp recovery and expansion. However, there is a fundamental difference between those events and the current situation.

Wealth Building – Your Simple Plan for Increasing Personal Wealth

Increasing personal wealth always has to start with a plan, and the simpler the plan is, the better your chances will be of following through and making it happen. Too many people start out motivated to make a change in their financial life, and have…

Wealth Building Strategies – 4 Paths to Long Term Success

Wealth building strategies have never been the results of accidental occurrences but rather through well planned and properly executed ideologies. I like the internet and the opportunities it brings and I know that many love that too. But there are things that I have noticed especially among newbie internet business persons.

How To Earn More Money – Multiple Options

This article discusses a few of the numerous ways which can answer the ever tormenting dilemma of how to earn more money. Do you have financial commitments that are compelling you to look for other sources of income? Or are you not happy with your job pays you and wondering how to earn more money from other avenues?

Financial Freedom in the New Economy: It’s Easier Than It Used to Be

In spite of all the negativity about the condition of the economy, we’re actually living in a time when it’s easier than ever to achieve financial freedom and all of the rewards which come from it. However, much like during the past transition from the agricultural age to the industrial age, the building…

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