Should you take a 401k loan?

Commit to Becoming a Billionaire in 2011

First, resolve never to quit. Never, ever quit. Sleeping on a big decision is OK.

Five Ways To Create Your Own Financial Independence

Financial independence or economic freedom is still too far from most people. The reason is not far fetched. Financial independence is a status one attains when one does not have to think on how or where to get money to spend before one spends. It means having enough cash to spend from without feeling any amount of money spent because the money is there.

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover – Review

Dave Ramsey’s book the Total Money Makeover guides us to manage our wealth properly. His basic idea is to pay all debts, make an emergency fund then start buying things with cash.

Personal Money Management – Effective Methods To Master Personal Money Management

To keep ahead in this game of personal finance, you should set your goal to master personal money management. You should make sure that you give your financial health a “check up” at least once a year by drawing up a personal financial statement. Also, you can easily estimate your financial worth by taking the value of your assets and subtracting the value of your liabilities. Do this and you find your net worth. This is just one step in personal money management methods.

When Is It Time to Sell Silver and Gold?

With gold and silver hot on the market many people are asking themselves when is the best time to sell or buy? Here are a few tips that come straight from the pros.

Option Strategies – Not for the Average Investor!

Option strategies are touted as the “easy way” to make enormous profits. Are they really? Or is this just another ploy to separate you from your money?

Rising Health Care Costs May Affect Retirement Planning

It is a universal dream that we all want to be able to stop working someday and retire. With today’s economy and uncertainty, it is harder than ever to plan for the future taking all things into consideration. Just when you are looking comfortable and ready to retire, unexpected medical expenses can cause you to dip into your retirement savings.

Three Easy Ways to Get Rich

There are many more than just three easy ways to get rich, but three is a nice round number to get you started. You’ll be familiar with them all, and you may favour some over others. You may well be downright dubious and not think that any of the options will truly make you rich – but I beg to differ.

The Elevation Group Review – Mike Dillard’s Investment Strategies of the Rich

Where in the world can you park your retirement money in a safe place that will earn you 5-10% no matter the market? Want to know what you get when you become a member of Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group: Taking you inside the secret “black box” strategies of the rich…? I learned more about the history of world finances in 90 minutes than I have my entire life. 3 of the 10+ topics covered on “how to” massively gain during the greatest wealth transfer in history: a step by step approach to starting from zero, how to protect your assets, when to buy, sell & what to buy next; & how to teach your children to build a billion dollar legacy within 3 generations + more. Whether you are investment savvy or brand new to the “game”, like me read this article.

Gold to Crash in 2011

If you you have been thinking about investing in Gold or Silver, you might have an opportunity of a life time in 2011. Over the last 5 years Gold and Silver have been two of the best performing assets, well out preforming the overall markets. Gold once again is becoming a mainstream investment.

The Rule Of The Duck

Protect you and your family from unforeseen financial disasters that would cripple your wealth. With asset protection you are able to shelter your home, real estate holdings, and retirement portfolio from those who would take it away. Don’t become a ‘lame duck’ and lose your shirt.

In a Faith Based Currency, What Are Things Really Worth?

Gold is undervalued and is a better reference standard than money. Valuing against commodities is a better way to express worth than with dollars.

The Best Ways to Evaluate the Performance of Different Investment Firms

Which online brokerage firm should you go with? How do you decide which one is the right one for you? Do they charge differently for their services than their competition does? What is their track record on actually turning a profit for the customers who invest with them?

How To Save An Additional $1000 A Year

This isn’t the best economy our nation has ever seen. But it’s not the worst either. Interest rates are low but the foreclosure rate is high. Some statistics show that the jobless rate is going down. But that doesn’t mean much to the people who fear losing their jobs or who already have. In an economy where knowledge is power, more people are going back to school than ever. Some may that this isn’t a good time to save your money. But it’s always a good time to have savings. So if you have never saved or if you aren’t saving right now, here’s an easy plan to begin.

How To Create $16,000 A Month Retirement Income By Savings $500 A Month

A DROP AT A TIME FILLS UP THE BUCKET. It is an old saying but how true it is. Wealth building needs two things: Savings and Time. The good news is that you can do it especially if you have time on your side. Sooner you start the better off you are.

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