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Some Car Loans and Direct Payday Loan Lenders Service Sub-Prime Borrowers

Have you bought a new car recently? There are numerous creditors, bankers and car dealership funding advertisements the past few months. It seems that car loans are one of the new lucrative businesses for people credit challenged people. That’s right; folks may have sub-prime credit scores but are still being offered car loans.

Five Benefits of Independent Investment Advisors

This article starts out by providing a description of a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and why an Independent Advisor is a good choice for an investor. Then it lists five benefits of working with an Independent advisor.

10 Money Tips I Gave To My Son When He Got His First Pay Cheque

Listed below are ten money tips that I gave to my son, when he earned his first salary. Of course, with laws of money being universally applicable, these money tips are useful for all age groups and not just the financial toddlers.

But I Want to Keep the House

In a divorce, your home is often your largest marital asset. Understanding your options with the house is imperative to your financial future.

Mobile Banking Grows More Popular Each Year

At the end of 2012, a survey and report were prepared by the Consumer Research Section of the Federal Reserve Board’s Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, known as the DCCA. It was a follow-up to a similar study done the previous year. All findings indicate that Smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the U.S., and as a result, mobile banking is on the rise. The reasons are obvious – portability and convenience make Smartphones a logical choice for keeping track of your finances. And more banks have apps available to mobile customers for a variety of devices, making it even more readily accessible and simple to navigate, even for novice users.

Do Cash Advance Lenders Fund Your Extra Spending?

Ever looked into your closet and found nothing to wear? Is it because there is nothing hanging in your closet? Closets are often crowded with unused outfits and accessories that probably don’t need to be there. How many of these items were charged? Did you ever request a loan from online fast cash advance lenders in order to fund payments that were left unfunded from your shopping spree?

The Candid Cost Of Credit

OFTEN TIMES we see signs displaying: NO CREDIT CHECK, posted on the front of some stores. These signs appeal to 3 categories of people: 1. Persons who are building credit for the first time. 2. Ones who have bad credit 3. Shoppers who don’t wish to have any form of credit whatsoever. Whichever category you may fall in, one thing that remains constant is, the candid cost of credit. We will look at these categories closer to bring light to this clandestine way of profiting from unsuspected consumers.

5 Things Your Five-Year-Old Should Know About Money

Money can be complicated and overwhelming, so it’s not surprising parents often wonder when and how to start teaching their children the basics. Children develop at different rates, which means not every child is ready to learn about money at the same age. You’ll know you can start teaching about money when you notice your child asking or showing interest in buying things or in money itself.

Who Should Consider A QROPS Pension Transfer?

Who should consider QROPS? Would you benefit of a QROPS pension transfer? QROPS can offer many benefits compared to UK pensions, such as lower tax, no need to buy an annuity, you can leave your QROPS to your children upon death, free from UK inheritance tax, the advantages of Qrops are numerous

Does Your Financial Future Consist of Payday Loans and Credit Card Debt?

Have you started thinking about how you will change your finances for the better next year? Lots of resolutions are dissolved about as fast as they start. Straightening out money problems is a good promise to make; especially when tax returns loom on the horizon. Getting a refund check offers lots of hope to those who overspent their holiday budget or have not recovered from on-going debt troubles.

Make Retirement Decisions With Intentionality

If you are like most people, you make a number of financial decisions every year. And like most people you probably don’t make them with great forethought and intentionality.

Watch for These 5 Signs of Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise and having your ID stolen can have devastating effects on your credit score. Here are the top signs of ID theft.

Are Cash Advance Lenders Part of Your Financial Philosophy?

What is your financial philosophy? It’s always good to have some rule of thumb when dealing with debt management. In order to keep your finances on an even keel you should have some basic strategies set in place. Focus your attention on a balanced budget, low debt totals and saving for future needs.

Where to Look for Help?

You are working harder than normal, trying to find different ways to earn more money even if it is a few more pounds. You are constantly counting how much money you have in your purse and ensuring that you find the cheapest option in everything that you buy. No matter how much you try to keep on top of your money and try to make sure that all bills are paid on time, there always seems to be money lacking.

Lessons Fantasy Football Can Teach Your Children About Investing

Fantasy football has long been a popular game among friends, co-workers and families as a means of entertainment and competition during the NFL season. I willingly admit my fascination with the game and continue to learn valuable lessons each year that help me in my quest for the championship. Parents often struggle to find ways to connect with their teenagers and while I don’t condone teaching your children gambling, getting your children involved in fantasy football can teach them valuable lessons that translate well into the financial world.

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