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Finding A Foreclosure Plan

Even if you haven’t experienced financial hardship or the threat of foreclosure, it is never too late to have a game plan. Often times, unforeseen circumstances arise that can quickly take you down a path of financial trouble.

Women and Finances: A Way to Take Control

So many women seem either intimidated or uninterested in managing their investment finances. These are often smart, professional women who claim they don’t know what to do or how to start. Whether single, married, widowed or divorced, women can be very successful in taking charge of their financial well being.

How to Save on Groceries: Save Money on Groceries This Holiday Season

Knowing how to save on groceries can save you a great deal of money over a year. Even if you just save money on groceries at the Holiday season, you will still feel good that you have a little cash left over for the kids – or for a little indulgence for yourself.

Top 5 Reasons Millionaires Need to Be Economically Intelligent

Becoming a millionaire is a secret or overt dream for many youngsters. As we know, some people are born with the silver spoon while some others are born to become millionaires. It is a reality that over the past few decades there has been an increase in the number of people who have become millionaires at an early age. Moreover, if you get a chance to look into their life, most of these self-made millionaires are college or school dropouts and came from an average family background. Now, the question is how these people are upholding their status in terms of money?

How A Self Directed IRA That Comes With Checkbook Control Can Broaden Your Investment Portfolio

A lot of people are opting for a self directed IRA account these days to give them control over the investments that they make for their pension. Some accounts come with a checkbook that provides even more control.

How to Build a Solid Financial Plan for the Future From the Base Up

Good solid planning involves building wealth and stability retroactively. The secret to longevity in today’s markets is the ability to secure your assets, without this ability you’re just a candle in the wind and you’re setting your self up for a possible blow out.

Transition to Retirement: Is Your SMSF Ready for It?

Though the advised age of retirement is 65 years old, still many people over the age of 65 are still working – either full-time or part-time. At the same time, there are many people under 65 who would like to transition to retirement early, because they have saved enough in their retirement fund.

Single Parents Are Not Alone – Single Parent Assistance Programs Provide Support And Resources

The goal of single parent assistance programs is not to teach single moms and dads to lean on them indefinitely. The objective is to give them the boost they need to get on their feet and succeed independently.

Four Tips to Effectively Manage Your Personal Finances

If you are looking for information that can help you manage your personal finances responsibly, then you have found the right article. In the remainder of this piece, we have enumerated and discussed five tips guaranteed to help consumers like you to succeed in their quest to handle their respective financial resources in the best way they can.

Two Words – Don’t Panic!

The markets continue to see-saw. In times like these, Dr. Doom types tend to get more air time on radio and television. And if you’re listening to someone paint a gloomy picture of the future while also watching the Dow Jones index drop 100 to 400 points, day after day, it is only natural to panic and want to get the heck out before everything goes to hell in a hand-basket and takes your portfolio with it. But as they say, panic is NOT a strategy!

Long Term Care – Part 1: The Practical Implications of Caring for a Loved One

As a Financial Advisor licensed in insurance, and certified in Long Term Care in particular, I knew, intellectually, that her situation was the one I had most feared, having heard dozens of horror stories from clients about their own family members and their lengthy illnesses. Everything I need to know about Long Term Care I did not learn by studying the manual. I learned it by taking care of my mother, along with my brother and sister, both of whom live considerably further away that I did.

Boost Your Cash Back and Savings With the Best Credit Cards for the Holidays

If you think your cash back and rewards credit cards are just for shopping this holiday season, think again. This year could prove to be your best yet for saving money and boosting your cash back when you use your Chase, American Express, and Discover cards to earn a seasonal 5% or more reward for holiday shopping, dining out with friends, and going to see the latest movies at the theater.

Have a Very Merry, Debt-Filled Christmas?

For some reason, even the most unwise of purchases seem like a good idea as soon as the Christmas carols start playing. Unfortunately, all of that Christmas spirit will soon go sour, as soon as the credit card bills come. So, what’s the solution?

Indian Commodity Market – Robust and Profitable

Commodity markets are places where raw products such as food grains, metals, cotton and oilseeds are exchanged. Investors use this platform to buy and sell goods; the idea is to earn money through such transactions. These transactions are typically bound by contracts. Each buyer and seller has to respect these contracts.

Know When It’s Time to Seek Help From a Certified Financial Advisor

Are you the type of person who lacks good organizational skills and is in need of financial assistance? Ask help from financial advisory services. Let the experts help put you into perspective.

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