Reasons the Rich and Poor Go Broke – Robert Kiyosaki and John MacGregor

What If There Is No Gold at Fort Knox?

Gold is real money and will become more valuable. Read this short article as it will reveal that American dollars in circulation are just a bunch of IOUs with a value that was determined by the gold reserves sitting in Fort Knox but what if Fort Know has no gold?

How To Improve Your Money Competence

Whenever anyone learns a news skill, they go through 4 stages of awareness: Unconsciously Incompetent. This is the stage where you don’t know what you don’t know. This skill or thing isn’t even on your radar; like before you were interested in learning to drive, you didn’t even think about it, right?

How to Cope With the Rising Cost of ‘Everything’

Remember when life was simple and everything was cheap? No, we don’t either – but we’ve all heard stories of that ‘mythical’ time when you could get anything you wanted for next to nothing! Some of those stories might have been exaggerated just a tiny little bit, but there’s no denying that life is getting more expensive – and it’s never been more important for families to have some great strategies for dealing with the rising cost of ‘everything’…

Tips for Saving Money

We all know we need to save. Yet, few of us do save. Why? Because there are too many competing priorities for money in our lives. But, you can you can save for those larger purchases, for the emergencies that are sure to come, for your children’s college, for a home, and for your retirement. You may not think you have enough money. You may think you are living paycheck to paycheck with nothing left over after meeting your expenses. You may think you have to earn more money in order to have enough money to save. The truth is saving isn’t a math matter. It’s an emotional one. Once you make saving a priority, then and only then will you save. Until you decide to pay yourself first, you won’t save. By the time you get to the end of the money, there won’t be enough left over for you. Here are some quick tips on how to save money.

Term Deposit Calculator

For the investment planners, it is quite a financial jinx to resolve when they set out to meet the returns requirements of the clients. On the one hand, there would be clients who would be satisfied for the fixed assured returns and, on the other hand, there would be the clients who are more interested in maximizing the returns of their investments than getting cozy in the safe, assured returns.

Mid-Life Minimalism – The World Is Changing, Are You?

The news is filled with stories of our changing world. Each day brings us new information about political upheaval and financial disarray worldwide. Take action now while you still have time and options.

7 Tips on Good Investment Decisions From Financial Experts

This is an informative article on which points to consider before making a decision to invest your finances. Remembering these vital clues before choosing the right vehicle for investing your life’s savings might help you double or triple your savings.

Money Management Advice: Basic Money Management Strategies Online for Debt Relief and Wealth Buildup

Looking for some basic money management advice? And before that, wondering why is it important to manage one’s money? To put it simply, managing your money meticulously can lead to debt relief and financial freedom. If you apply simple money management principles diligently in your daily life, you can forget about debt and stress. And wealth can be achieved over time.

Create an Abundant Necessity Account With a Strong Money Management System

People comment all the time that they manage their money but don’t seem to have any leftover at the end of the month. Then what are the goals of their money management system? Instead of managing to spend all the money how about creating an feeling of abundance with the simple things in life.

Investments: Expectations Plus Attitude Equals Success

My mom read to me as a child and one of my favorite books was The Little Engine That Could. You may be wondering why or how an investment blog could compare investing to a children’s book. In Science and Engineering we are taught about Ockham’s Razor.

Reloadable or Prepaid Debit Cards Are A New Way To Bank

The recent bank regulations enacted under the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill has created a serious situation for the banks that issue debit cards to their checking account holders. Under the regulation, the fees charged to merchants by banks or credit card companies debit card transactions must be reasonable and proportional to the cost of processing those transactions. In other words, the banks that issue debit cards will be forced to give up tens of billions of dollars in revenue. Banking as we know it is undergoing a major revolution.

US Dollar Dying – Gold and Silver To Become Legal Tender

Bernanke says people do not want to buy gold here in 2011. He says they want to buy a steady basket. If the dollar was tied to gold, wouldn’t the consumer price basket be steadier?

Top 4 Tips for Selecting a Financial Planner

All wealthy people have a Financial Planner or Investment Adviser. So the first question is what is a financial planner? Secondly how do I select a good financial planner?

Halifax Equity Release Explained

The retired people can also avail of the Halifax equity release or the retired home plan, where the property is mortgaged and only the interest is payable to the lender monthly with the original loan amount lying intact during the tenure of the plan. While in the traditional roll up equity release, you needn’t pay any interest and subsequently your principle plus interest account keeps growing. The Halifax scheme is best for individuals who can afford to pay the interest from their monthly or state pensions.

How to Sell Your Jewellery

Many people sell their jewellery as a way of making some extra cash. It can be easy to do this, but finding the best price or where/who to sell jewellery to can be tricky. Here are some top tips on how to sell your unwanted items whilst getting the best price.

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