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The Divorce Trap for Business Owners

Let’s say you’ve worked hard and started a great little business that’s growing every day. Financially you’re now in a position where you are ready to get married. Life is good. Your business is at work, and your family is at home, and your spouse has virtually no interest in the business part of your marriage. One day your spouse comes to you and demands a divorce. Devastating, but at least you are financially secure. That is until you find out that your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can take your business to the cleaners.

PPI: Stand Up for Your Rights

We need to understand what constitutes PPI mis selling. PPI mis selling tops the tables as the commonest type of debt incurred by consumers because of bad practice on the part of lenders – most of whom are the high street banks.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On Your Financial Advisor?

Investors should be mindful of the excess fees their advisers are charging. Find out 3 things investors could be doing to saving those fees.

GreenDot Prepaid Card

The GreenDot Prepaid Card is issued as a Visa or MasterCard. It comes with free direct deposit, free online bill pay, and free activation.

8 Tips To Overcome a Personal Financial Crisis And Regain Wealth

Treat any crisis as a wake-up call. Understand that the earlier that you catch a crisis the more options you have to solve it. Build a crisis proof wealth plan early in your life and you will weather any storm that appears on the financial horizon. Remember also that more wealth is created during trying times. If you are prepared when the storm hits you can look to gain wealth than just save your credit tail.

How to Save Money on Your Food Shopping

According to statistics, the average family spent around £52 a week on food and non- alcoholic beverages; in reality it is likely to be a lot higher. So how can you cut your shopping bill and save hundreds a year in the process? Here’s how.

Ways to Start Talking to Your Children About Financial Planning

Children need to be taught financial planning from a very early age. This includes budgeting allowances, spending wisely, saving discipline, and charitable giving. Children also need to be taught to track their spending.

Types of Mutual Funds – Exchange – Traded Funds

Everyone wants to find another IBM, Apple, even PMC Sierra or some other high flyer before it takes off. IBM was $11.00 per share and is now over $160.

QE2 Is A Cup Of Tea

Pick up the tea pot and pour out a cup of tea. Shucks. Only enough in the pot for one cup and I need enough tea for all the company.

How To Save Money For a Massage

Some people get sick because of working too much. Every person also needs to relax. To pamper the muscle so it can regain energy. We are not machines; we could not afford to get too much stress. Going to spa for some is a luxury, but pampering yourself is also a way to good lifestyle and health. To enjoy the pampering, it is important to save. The key to saving is not spending more than what your means can provide. That means place everything on a budget.

Running on Debt – Good for You?

Can you really run on debt and be successful? Many have tried, but can you do it too? Let’s find out!

Manage a Checking Account Correctly and Avoid Chexsystems

Chexsystems are solely created to prevent the financial loss of billions of dollars in the financial industry every year due to check fraud and people who abuse the writing of checks. It is the largest checking account verification institution and their headquarters are in Woodbury, Minnesota and serve banks and financial institutions in all states across the United States.

ChexSystems Checking Account

What does being placed in ChexSystems mean? Including how long you will be in it, how you can dispute an incorrect listing, and your best options for a new checking account.

Will Creditors Always Agree To A Trust Deed?

A trust deed, often known as a “protected trust deed” or “Scottish trust deed”, must be accepted by sufficient creditors for the debtor to benefit fully from it. This process is known as the trust deed gaining “protection” and is not necessarily guaranteed. Most creditors are happy to accept reduced offers of repayment if the debtor proves they are willing to commit to repaying what they can reasonably afford towards their debt.

Pro Forma Financial Statements – The Best Way to Know the Future of Your Company

Preparing factual forecasts is essential for the success of your business and you can find out the actual growth of your business utilizing these statistics. Businesses looking for some help to base their future decisions and grow further find these statements quite according to their requirements.

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