Ray Dalio Explains Why 2021’s Economy Is Worse Than 2008

Tips to Recognize Financial Cancer and Protect Financial Independence

Did you wake up in a cold sweat this morning worrying about how financial cancer was destroying your ability to create financial independence? Probably not, like most people. Yet, financial cancer can be the single most destructive force in your financial life. You may be fairly sensible with your money, but it can be eating away at your financial future even as you’re reading this sentence.

3 Steps of Money Anxiety

Most individuals rather discuss government, faith and sexuality rather than addressing their money anxiety. This inspired the question of why adults fear talking about their anxiety over money, or why they don’t become more intentional about learning money management skills.

Personal Financial Planning: The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Christmas and New Year’s holiday season offers a great incentive for those who need to make personal financial planning a priority. The months leading up to Christmas are usually the time when people begin identifying items which they are interested in purchasing. After Christmas, we tend to shift into planning mode by making “resolutions” about things that we intend on doing, or certain behaviors that we would like to cease from doing. It is probably safe to say that completing a financial plan -and sticking to it- makes the annual “top ten” list of most important things to accomplish in the new year.

5 Key Points On How To Make A Lot Of Money

What is the right way for you to make a lot of money? I have been asking this myself recently a lot. I recently started going back to school and am now only doing my article writing part-time. But what does actually allow you to make a lot of money? And finally become a millionaire?

Why It Is So Important to Keep Your Finances Organized

You may have multiple credit cards, loans, bank or investment accounts. To help you keep track and improve your financial situation, it is important to keep your finances organized.

Find Cash Advance Loans Online When Spending Leaks Disrupt The Flow

There are many borrowers surprised that they landed on a best cash advance loans online lenders doorstep. Most people do not plan to fall into financial problems and having no other credit opportunity to help them out. Once a person is credit challenged it makes for a tough road ahead especially once a fast cash advance is looking like the best option to help get past a money emergency.

Countdown to Retirement

As your retirement approaches, you’re bound to have concerns about the changes ahead. Why not put your mind at ease by taking steps to take charge of your new financial reality? In addition to working with a financial advisor to manage your financial affairs, be proactive with the tasks that are within your control to help make a smooth transition to retirement.

Choosing the Right Medicare Supplement Policy

If you are approaching age 65, you will soon become Medicare-eligible, and you have a few decisions to make. For starters, if you aren’t yet collecting Social Security, you should apply for “original” Medicare around your 65th birthday (from three months prior to or after the month of your 65th birthday). Original Medicare includes Part A (hospital insurance), which generally is available at no cost, and Part B (medical insurance), which typically requires a monthly premium of $100 per person (more if your income is beyond certain threshold levels).

4 Simple Steps to Finally Starting an Emergency Fund

It’s important to have some cash set aside in an emergency fund for life’s little road bumps. If you are having trouble getting an emergency fund started, this article will set you on the road to having this peace of mind at your fingertips.

College Girl and Her Money

About a year ago my friend won tickets to a special premiere of the new 007 movie. The host of the event told everyone to check under their seat, low and behold mine had an envelope underneath it. I won a book called Davey Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money. My first reaction was that I didn’t need this lame book and that I wish I could have won all the other cool prizes. Around the same time the same friend got the chance to see a financial advisor, this opened my eyes.

Banking Strengthens in Gulf Countries

Western countries may be on the verge of a politico-economic crisis, Asian countries may find their currencies deteriorating and the global economy may seem to be on a shaky grounds over-all – but the economy – and most particularly the banking sector – in UAE seems to be growing, and growing strong. The Gulf countries are reaping the benefit of maintaining more than the minimum capital in their banks, as their steadily growing banking sector shows. Read on to know how the banking sector fares.

An Overview of the Level of Personnel Debt in the UK

The majority of UK households have at least some personal debt, and in many homes, it is a big problem. The statistics make for interesting and alarming reading, as do the predictions for the future.

Three (3) Leading Money Reasons for Divorce

It is a prominent reality that quarrelling over money is the primary reason couples’ divorce. It’s sad because there are ways to avoid the disagreements. Reducing the reasons for disputes increases the longevity of marriages.

How Can I Save Money When I Earn So Little?

With demands on home incomes increasing whilst incomes remain static, many people are failing to have enough money set aside for a rainy day. Savings are critical and should be viewed through a long term biased lens. This article looks at just how one can inculcate a culture of savings regardless of the amount of money one earns.

Cash Advance Online Debt Problems: Working Them Out

Have you had to sit back in your chair and admit to yourself that you have a problem with debt? Are you facing an uphill battle of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and/or multiple high interest cash advance online loans? If you are spending money out of every paycheck to keep up with on-time debt payments and then struggling to put food on your table, there is a problem.

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