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Personal Saving: Ways To Make Saving Money Easier

We all need to save money for the future. However, this is often easier said than done. This article discusses two ways to make saving money easier.

Re-Evaluate Your Definition of Success

Financial security builds our confidence and supports our steps toward making major changes in our lives. If you are unhappy with your life currently, it is imperative to strengthen or gain control of your personal finances.

Are Our Financial Institutions Setting Us Up?

Our financial institutions should be our partners, but are they? Who is there to support our financial dreams and goals, to catch us when we fall?

Should You Back Off on Bonds?

Looking at the recent data, our economy is a little uneven, but generally positive. That’s good news for the stock market. And though I don’t think we should ever be overconfident, I don’t see anything that will derail the market’s rise right now. Even if things slow down, the Fed will up the ante, and the stock market will respond. All of this is good news for stocks-and bad for bonds.

Ready to Withdraw Investment Income? Where to Start?

If you’re properly invested, you probably have several types of accounts: IRAs, 401ks, annuities, and non-IRA accounts. Once you’re ready to start living on your investments, how do you decide where to draw from first? The way I see it, you should take your money from the least -taxed accounts first, and defer paying taxes on the high-taxed accounts as long as possible.

High Unemployment Rates – Good for the Market?

Lately, the nation has been focused on our high unemployment rate. And though it is bad news for those who can’t find jobs, high unemployment may actually be good for the stock market.

Money Transfer Services: Getting Fast Access to Your Cash Overseas

So you’re working remotely overseas and everything is going just fine. Suddenly a client doesn’t pay up in time, your computer hard drive dies and your rent is due the next day. You need some money fast, and there’s only one way to get it: a money transfer.

Financial Literacy: 5 Most Important Lessons for College Students

We all are part of post-economic crunch times. The financial meltdown of major banks last decade has had its effects on people from all walks of life – including college students. Most States have cut educational funding, making it even more difficult for students to pay for college.

Income and Fixed Indexed Annuities – Possible Solutions to a Complicated Problem

Financial advisors have several different approaches to the problem of making money last a lifetime but none of them provide the certainty and guarantees of the simple income annuity. One can usually acquire more guaranteed lifetime income with a single premium immediate or deferred income annuity than with any other financial product.

Getting the Best Price on Gold Jewelry Requires Preparation

Most jewelry stores seek to intimidate buyers when it is time to negotiate their gold pieces. Actually, those who want to buy gold jewelry consider that negotiation is the worst part in the entire process. This happens because the persons who want to buy gold are not as familiarized with the ins and outs of the gold industry as specialized people are.

If You’re Having Serious Money Problems There’s A Prayer Secret In The Bible That Will Work For You

God has His own payday for people that are having serious money problems and when the new blessings of God come into your life, they will come to create money, prosperity and success. God does His part as your heavenly Father Who is your Divine Source of Supply.

Investing In Gold – Getting the Best Price Is a Priority

Before selling your jewelry or any other item that contains gold, you should take into account the following things: is it a good idea or not? When is it a great period to sell your gold? Where can you go in order to sell it?

10 Finance Tips For People in Their Sixties

After working for thirty years, and discharging all responsibilities perfectly, the retiring persons often find themselves in financial distress. The problem originates from unplanned retirement. The money received on account of retirement benefit goes either in repaying a home loan or meeting exorbitant expenses of a child’s higher education. This makes the situation acute for a sexagenarian. This article discusses the apt financial planning for persons in their sixties.

Is It Easy to Make Money and Become Rich?

There are a myriad of ways that people say we can become rich. Most probably do not work, but there are rich people among us so we know that it is possible to succeed.

Why Is Dividend Investing So Popular?

There was once a time when people never invested in equities. There was ample interest earned through bonds, bank accounts and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) such that buying equities was not necessary. As inflation and interest rates went down and stayed low for a long time, people began searching for other ways of creating income. The two most popular methods are rent generated from real estate and dividend investing. Real estate investment involves buying properties and renting them, and will not be discussed further in this write-up. Dividend investing through buying of equities will be explored in this article.

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