Public Service Loan Forgiveness Works!!! How We Got 220,000 In Student Loans Discharged

Why Expense Report Software Needs Flexible Categories

For easy and correct tracking of spending in the expense report software, it is a must to have expenses detailed and labelled properly. Minimal detail will result to an incomplete report, making it not that advantageous over the pen and paper and mental notes method of tracking the expenses that you have made.

When Success Is Slow In Coming

When success is slow in coming, it would be extremely easy to talk oneself out of trying and to simply give up. There are many opportunities which can bring rich rewards, but they are often slow in producing income. It is important to set goals and keep at it.

Income Planning, Getting Creative Using Market-Linked CDs and Income Annuities

Creative, safe-money income strategies do exist in today’s era of near zero interest rates. Thinking “outside the boxes” of Wall Street and traditional bank CD’s can yield superior goals with your money.

How To Claim A Monopoly Over Your Identity

Identity theft is by no means a recent phenomenon. We all know that we need to be careful with our identity, yet most of us leave ourselves fairly vulnerable to an attack. What can you do to ensure that your identity remains in your control?

What Would You Do With More Money?

There is nothing greater than the dream or daydream where you miraculously find a few million dollars. The best part is thinking about what you would do with more money. You imagine yourself buying a big house, a nice car, every gadget under the sun, and of course, let’s not forget to share the money with friends and family, as this type of miracle should never be accepted without any good deed, right?

How Long You Should Keep Financial Paperwork Before Shredding

Every year you endure the same level of panic: taxes are due and you must sift through a shoe box full of receipts to find the information you need for a proper return. Elsewhere in your home, drawers bulge with bank statements and paycheck stubs, until your home office resembles a cluttered museum of personal finance. You know you should take some of this paper to a shredding service, but you worry you’ll toss something important. Just how long do you need to keep this paperwork, anyway?

Essential Money Saving Strategies For College Students

College students certainly have their work cut out for them in more ways than one. These years are often the most difficult for many individuals and yet happily, they manage to remain the most enjoyable. The combination of new responsibility and greater levels of freedom make it necessary for young adults to quickly learn the budgeting skills that will ensure their survival in the great, wide world.

Family, Friends and Borrowing Money

Shakespeare warned that loaning money to a friend could be a good way to lose both money and a friend. What do you do when a relative or friend asks you for money, or you want to borrow money from them? Age-old advice says to tread lightly and be aware of both legal issues and potential hurt feelings.

Protect Against Phishing and Vishing Schemes

Safeguarding your credit and financial information requires constant vigilance, especially with new threats coming out on a regular basis. The most recent figures estimate that the U.S. credit card industry sees $8.6 billion in annual fraud.

Counterfeit or ‘The Real Deal’?

Could you identify a counterfeit item if it were presented to you? What if it were a financial advisor? How would you determine whether a financial advisor, perhaps yours, is ‘the real deal’ or a counterfeit? Do you realize the difference the answer to that question can make in your future wealth accumulation? I’ll share with you the best place to find an advisor that is ‘the real deal’ and the answer may surprise you.

Best Budget Software And Its Essential Features

Do you have plans of buying your very own budget software in the days to come? If the answer is yes, you must then be aware of the essential features that must be found in best budget software and something that the management application of your choice must have.

Are You a Spender or Are You a Saver?

When it comes to money there are 2 types of a person you can be. You can be a Saver or you can be a Spender. And unfortunately in this world there’s a lot more spenders then there are savers.

Overcoming Huge Financial Hurdles Which May Come

There are many hurdles which can come to us to block our way or to cause havoc in our lives. Being prepared financially and with material goods is helpful in being prepared for the problems which may come.

The Best Way to Buy a House With No Credit

The best way to buy a house with no credit is to get some credit. Establishing credit isn’t that hard to do either. We explain how to establish credit in order to buy a house.

10 Reasons To Join NPS

National Pension System (NPS) was extended to all Indian citizens by the Government of India on 01st May 2009, to provide income in the old age and thus financial security. However, it did not become as popular as expected although of it’s good intentions, mainly because of the fact that the Service Providers selected by the Government was reluctant to popularize it and didn’t had the proper infrastructure too.

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