Personality/character traits that will make you rich

5 Things You Need to Know About Pension Planning

A Pension plan is a proverbial golden egg. As investments that will continue to grow throughout the years, they provide steady income for retirement purposes. However, like most things in life, pension plans can be poorly planned.

Taming the Bear: Are Bonds A Safe Place to Be?

With all the talk about credit crises, debt limits and Quantitative Easing, bond investors may be spooked. Use these strategies to help protect your fixed income investments from a potential bear market.

Financial Planning In Uncertain Economic Times

Regardless of whether someone is optimistic or pessimistic about today’s economy and its outlook, whether they are bullish or bearish in terms of the stock market, or what they believe the future of commodities, currencies, interest rates, etc., most people agree that they are anything but certain about the economic outlook. We see huge increases in the stock exchange, followed by huge decreases, etc.

How to Save Money On Your Food Shopping

Today, nothing is free and everything else is expensive – especially food – so we need to learn how to shop smart. Here are some tips on how to save money on food shopping: Certainly, food is something we can’t do without. We need to spend for it, inevitably. But with a little know-how, we can cut our food costs so that we have money left to enjoy the other fine things in life with the budget that our current economy gives us.

Free Your Cubby and Make Some Money By Selling Your Old Jewelry

Some people own drawers and boxes filled with unused items. Others even happen to own a room that stores everything from jewelry to trinkets and other unused accessories. Unless they are full fledged collectors that have managed to stay afloat despite poor economic conditions, some of them eventually choose to sell old jewelry.

4 Ways to Save Money on a Daily Basis

While there are many major ways to save money such as buying a cheaper home or car they often come with a price. This article will show you 4 ways that can save you thousands of dollars a year without making a big lifestyle change.

Help Your Teen Make “Cents” Of Money

In speaking with various people, I began to recognize that there is a large group of individuals who need to be educated about finances and budgeting… high school and college students. My son has graduated from high school and after continuing his education at a local tech school for web design he is now transitioning into college.

Free Guide to Pension Tax Relief

The Free Guide to Pension Tax Relief: QROPS, QNUPS & SIPPs Almost 1 in every 10 people from the UK now lives abroad permanently. In this ever changing landscape, how can British expats and people who have worked in the UK take advantage of their new status and avoid paying UK taxes?

Can Loyalty Programs Be Dangerous?

With a wealth of loyalty programs available to encourage customer customer loyalty at a seemingly endless array of merchants these days, is there a change that they may have gone too far encouraging repeat business from consumers? In this article I hope to answer this question, highlighting some of the common pitfalls people can fall into and how to avoid them.

Facing Your Financial Reality!

The recent debt crisis in the United States and media coverage of a volatile world economic situation has brought us to a point of realizing that when it comes to money we just have to facts the facts! You cannot spend more than you earn without facing consequences!

Refinancing Trends Report Positive Growth, Reduced Debt for Borrowers

A confluence of trending in the refinancing sectors indicate an economy that is still lackluster, but shows borrowers are tidying up their books and banks are building value with generously low rates. The fate of the housing market is still up in the air, but not all hope is lost.

3 Golden Rules of Claiming Lost Money

Many Americans may be wealthier than they know. The fact is that many of us have unclaimed money sitting in the coffers of States. But while finding lost money is a popular media story, the actual process of claiming lost money is not as simple as just doing a few searches and submitting a claim.

Why Pay Your Debts on Your Own?

If you are troubled with your debts, there are several types of debt companies that can help you with your problem. These types of debt relief companies would include credit counselors, debt settlement, and debt consolidation.

How an Ethical Company Works

Unethical lending practices in the US are at the forefront of global concerns. Consequences of lending to ill-equipped borrowers have effectively sent large banking institutions into turmoil. Their negligent lending practices have impacted the global markets by successfully reintroducing fears reminiscent of the late 1980s.

How to Do a 401k Rollover

If you have an old 401k plan, then you have options. Learn about how to do a rollover and start making your 401k plan work harder for you.

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