Paying Off Debt Doesn’t Build Wealth

Checking Accounts and Better Money Management

Everything is becoming more expensive these days, from food to rent. Unfortunately, this has meant that money goes out as quickly as it comes in, which can cause frustration at the end of each month. Getting the right kind of bank account can be helpful to manage your money better.

Check Accounts – Tips and Tricks

The checking account is the workhorse of the financial world and the key component for managing one’s finances. For most people, checking accounts are used for deposits, withdrawals and bill payments.

Over 4 Million Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance

More than four million people have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) by high-street lenders according to latest figures. According to the report produced by financial watchdog the Financial Services Authority (FSA), it is estimated that between 4 and 4.75 million people have been mis-sold the insurance.

What Is COBRA and What Can It Do for You?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA, is a law that was enacted in 1986 that protects employees and their families if the employee loses their job through no fault of their own. For people who qualify for COBRA, there is an option to continue their health insurance plan for a limited amount of time, usually 18 months. There are three conditions that must be met in order to qualify for COBRA.

Financial Help for Single Mothers – Where It Can Be Found

Being a single parent can be rewarding and hard at the same time. Today, with a struggling economy, being a single mom is even harder than it was a decade ago. That is why it is important to know what types of financial help for single mothers are available

The Five Planning Areas You Want to Focus on to Achieve Financial Success

To increase your chances for financial success there are five areas you should consider paying attention to. Not all at one time either – it will be over the course of years, more likely decades.

Cheap Car Insurance – Car Safety and Understanding How Baby Seats Work

A baby or infant car seat can seem quite a complicated piece of equipment, simply because there are so many clips, harnesses, straps, belts, rods and other pieces of material attached to it. It may well be that the baby seat has a separate seat base to the actual seat itself, or it may be that it comes as one unit. It may well be also that the baby seat is usable as a separate seat with which to carry the baby, and will have a separate carry handle as a result.

Cheap Car Insurance – Car Safety and the Safest Way to Install Baby Seats

The issue of safely installing a baby or infant car seat into a car is perhaps one of the most vexing and difficult situations for any motorist or parent to have to deal with. There are two specific reasons for this. Firstly is the huge array of baby car seats that are available to buy and use, and secondly is the fact that the choice of car seat needs to fit with the vehicle that it is intended to be used in.

Cheap Car Insurance – Car Safety and How Baby Seats Should Be Positioned

When installing a baby or infant car seat, it is essential to first all follow the instructions given in the manual that comes with the car seat. There will be a number of general instructions as to its proper use followed by more detailed instructions about how to fit it and any other appropriate information. The manual should advise that the car seat should only be used in a rear facing position which is an important safety factor.

Cheap Car Insurance – Car Safety and Why You Need a Check List for Baby Seats

If you have bought a baby or infant car seat, it is most likely it will be accompanied by a manual which will give detailed instructions as to how to fit it in the most appropriate ways to install and maintain it. It is likely the manufacturer will have put a checklist early on in the contents of the manual which will be a summary of the most important aspects of installation and usage of the baby car seat. It is important to follow these points, and also to keep them as a separate item either in…

Logbook Loans: A Growing Industry

In the wake of the recession more people are struggling for money than ever before. It’s no wonder, the number of people with a bad credit rating is increasing everyday and the banks, bailed out by the people seem to not want to give anyone credit! This has given rise to alternative lenders such as payday loans and logbook loans. Payday loans have interest rates often exceeding 3-4,000% APR. Logbook loans are nearer 400% and are growing in popularity, rapidly.

Master Your Money

72 Rules is about understanding how to leverage your money. Banks and brokerages leverage their money everyday.

The Un-COLA Social Security Increase

Politicians search for ways to reduce our nation’s debt, including examining Social Security benefits. The COLA increases are laughable, and worst, the target of possible cuts.

How to Build Residual Income Streams

Are you asking yourself this question: “What is residual income?” Do you want to know how to build a residual income business? Here is what you need to know as well as practical examples of how to build residual income streams.

A Cash Advance Online Won’t Fix A Spending Problem

Are your credit card mistakes the driving force behind your direct payday loan problems? Do you find yourself taking out more than three payday loans each year? Having to use the online fast money option too often is a clear signal that something is wrong in your budget. What could be going wrong with your credit cards which are leading your debt into controlling your finances?

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