Partner With The Government To Pay Zero Taxes – Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright, and Ken McElroy

Don’t Put Saving Ahead of Online Cash Advance Payoff

It is important to pay off your safe online cash advance and credit card debt while you are saving. For those of you who think that saving is more important, you will want to reevaluate your thinking. It doesn’t mean that saving money is not a priority budget payment. What it does say is that paying off debt should not be less important.

The Psychology of Money

The way you think about money has a significant effect on the way you live, and if you happen to be a financial professional, your feelings about money are certainly going to affect how you work with clients. It can be invaluable to take the time to think about what money means to you, a process that may often uncover financial fears and irrational thoughts.

Is the Debit Card Becoming Obsolete?

After a compelling conversation with a friend who is a banker, should we really be using a debit card? Do we even need one in our wallet?

Succeeding in Your Chosen Vocation – Choosing the Right Career

Choosing the right vocation is key to a successful career. Here are a few tips to help you choose wisely.

Behaviors That Will Change Your Life – Part Four – Think Before You Make a Purchase

If you use critical thinking skills, you will make better purchases. Remember, if a company offers large discounts, understand that the costs of those discounts are captured in the cost you pay. Before you make a large purchase take the time to discuss the purchase with your spouse or a trusted friend. This will help you to make wise decisions.

Why the U.S. Dollar Won’t Crash Overnight

I’m here to tell you why the US dollar won’t crash overnight. Those who are long gold and silver should read this article. It gives some insight into an area that no one else is talking about.

When An Annuity Won’t Work

There are times when an Annuity is a perfect fit for The Client. But there are also situations when The Client who seeks Safety and Income needs an alternative. It is the purpose of this article to review some of the more common situations where an Annuity is NOT a good fit; and to propose alternative solutions for those situations. The ultimate Goal of this article is to provide the reader with new tools for those situations where an Annuity just won’t work.

US Coins – Great for Collecting or Financial Security

Who doesn’t love money? We all like to spend money, and buy many things for us, our loved ones or maybe our home. However, there are people who love to collect rare coins as a hobby.

Direct Payday Loan Lenders Lead The Priority Payoff List

The first of the year bills may seem a bit overwhelming and the best direct payday loan lenders may look like the best way to juggle all the new debt but it doesn’t mean you have to make a rash decision. Get an idea of the increased debt payments you will have to make.

How to Write a Cheque – Correctly

The world of finance and banking can be a daunting one. Especially, if you have only just started handling your very own bank account as well as credit card, and are looking to start using your money wisely. It is all about getting your basics right, and voila you are rich!

Protecting Your College Tuition Savings in the Future With the Help of Gold

Are you thinking about buying gold for college tuition savings in the future? You are about to discover that you’re not the only one that considers purchasing gold! Making investments in valued metals, like gold or silver, is a worthwhile option for knowledgeable investors.

Gold and Retirement Investing

Ever since gold has been discovered by man, it has been categorized among the most precious metals and it has been used as currency. The Egyptians, known for having an extraordinarily advanced culture for centuries, would bury gold with their dead. Perhaps that was the only form of currency practiced at that time!

Payday Loans Direct Lender In or Out of New Budget?

A safe payday loans direct lender may have rescued your budget throughout last year, but it doesn’t mean that you have to repeat the same money mistakes. It’s great that you had the option to get emergency cash as not everyone qualifies for these easy fast cash advances.

Keep A Payday Loan From Eating Your Cash

Have you used enough direct payday loans in the past to consider yourself addicted to them? You may not have the urge to apply for them every day, but when the going gets tough, is it programmed in you to automatically apply for a short-term loan?

Cash Advance Online: Learn From Others to Make It Work

You can learn financial lessons from reading stories about cash advance online companies and the troubles some borrowers have had paying back their loans. The best part about mistakes is the opportunity to learn from them. Financial mistakes will come at a price for the short-term.

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