Our Net Worth!!! June 2019 (+$29,000) | Financial Independence Update

Several Tips to Becoming Rich

The unfortunate thing is, most people in the world will never be rich. Becoming wealthy is something over 99% of the population will never do. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen for yourself.

Becoming Wealthy

The thing is, everyone can’t and won’t ever be rich. Becoming wealthy is something the majority of the population will never achieve. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be obtained.

Financial Advice

I go into a bit of depth about the principles that make the following five steps to financial freedom work. Each of these steps is a time-tested saving or investing lesson that can be used individually. When put together, they make for a powerful long term wealth building plan.

Earned, Passive and Portfolio Income

There are 3 types of income generally; earned income, passive income and portfolio income. Earned income comes from being an employee or working for someone else. You get paid for the hour you spent doing a particular task you are engaged to do. Most people will say that workers work just hard enough not to get fired and employers pay just enough for workers not to quit.

They’re Stealing Our Money – A Conspiracy Against Your Money

We all know our economy sucks right now. Many think we will be in this recession for a long time. Others think the end is in site.

Save Money by Spending Less

A lot of people are on the quest to get rich, and do everything from getting an extra job, to learning the new investment tips, but they fail to do one thing; spend less to save more. If you learn to watch your spending habits, and pay only for what you need, in time, your monies would accumulate.

Taupo Report Important For New Zealand Investments

A recent study on the Taupo volcanic area by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences published in the NZ Journal of Geology and Geophysics has more relevance for investors than may appear at first glance. Our country’s volcanic geology is a factor those involved in New Zealand investments should consider when they are deciding on the asset allocation of their portfolios. A recent report on the Taupo volcanic zone by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, published in the NZ Journal of Geology and Geophysics, highlights the issue.

How Emotions Affect the Minds of Millionaires

Have you ever thought about how or what millionaires feel? How they act upon those feelings? What emotions and feelings have to do with being a millionaire?

Socially Responsible Forestry Investment Opportunity (IRR – ~20+% PA)

Socially responsible 5-8-year forestry/green energy investment opportunity with estimated IRR of ~20.00+%. Forest planted, grown, harvested; then timber turned into charcoal, charcoal sold to steel factories.

The Holy Grail of Residuals Cash – Review

Have you heard of HGR? Well, it’s the Holy Grail Residual cash system that is catching like wild fire on the internet! A system that claims to give back to you what you pay (as little as $2 – one-time membership fee) within one short step, is worth taking a closer look.

It is Not What You Make, But How Much You Keep – Wealth Building 101

Are you tired of working long hours, and sacrificing to have nothing to show for it? If you do not have a plan for your money, someone else will. Wealth building is not a fast process.

Do You Really Want Fixed Income Investing?

Fixed income investing is an excellent way to teach saving and has it’s benefits. If you are searching for a means to increase your financial position this isn’t the answer. Knowing how to invest and the options available to maximize those investments are the keys you are looking for.

Can You Really Make Hundreds of Dollars a Day Online?

You may have come across the spectacular claims that someone is making hundreds of dollars a day online. Is this real money?

Quick Cash Ideas – How to Generate Quick Cash

Wherever you are in life, there may perhaps come a period of time where you need to raise some cash immediately. In this article, we formulate some details regarding how to earn extra income.

Taking Steps Toward Your Financial Security

In order to achieve financial independence, passive income is the key. Passive income refers to recurring cash flow derived from income producing assets. Whereas active income is income derived from salary, or net operating earnings if you are self-employed.

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