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A Retirement Planning Checklist

With so many Americans approaching their retirement years, retirement planning has become a big business. It’s no wonder. We see various studies showing that an overwhelming majority of workers may not have enough money saved to actually retire when they hoped. Even if you may have been late to the party, for many people, there’s still time to make some positive changes that can improve your retirement outlook. If you’re within five or ten years of retirement, the following tips are for you.

The Benefits of a Budget Calculator

When it comes to determining financial goals and budget constraints, utilizing a budget calculator is essential. Although a traditional calculator can be used to figure out a monthly or weekly budget, a well designed budget calculator from a web site focused around financial planning software makes the job more simple, flaw proof, and accurate.

Tips on Finding the Best High Value Insurance

These days you can find insurance for basically everything, and more and more people around the world are looking to purchase more extensive insurance policies that cover a wide range of accidental and criminal possibilities. For example, let’s say that you own a rare and exquisite work of art that cost you a considerable amount of money, and you have that work of art hanging up in your home. Then one day a burglary occurs and your art gets stolen immediately.

What To Do After Winning The Lottery

Unprepared people tend to get themselves in a lot of personal, financial, and legal trouble after winning the lottery. This article explains why that happens and how it can be prevented.

Showdown of Financial Institutions for Faster Business Decisions and Enhanced Efficiencies

Organizations of almost all types are somehow attracted by the promises of banking and financial activities and their overall framework. In fact, it is the backbone of the organizations that are intended to foster their initiatives through their keen insights and financial assistance.

US Municipal Bond Market Vs European Debt Crisis

The ripples from the European debt crisis have been felt even in America. That’s no surprise, considering the butterfly effect of the global economy, but the ongoing Greek debt issues will continue to impact America. Fortunately for investors on this side of the Atlantic, the troubles in Europe will make tax free municipal bonds a more valuable and profitable investment.

Conceptual Parallels Between Poker and Managerial Risk Accounting

Managerial risk accounting is the process of generation, disseminating, and utilization of risk related accounting information to managers within an organization to enable them to judge and shape the risk situation of the business according to the objectives of the company. The initiative behind poker is the same mentality; assess the situation and make the best personal decision for your own benefit or for the corporation’s profit. Calculating the odds and various possibilities are the basis for the accounting budgeting process. Conversely, there is also the unfortunate aspect of the nip-and-tuck game of bluffing, hiding or deceptive information, and attempting to exploit each other’s weakness for personal gain.

Is There Escape From Economic Armageddon?

Every time you turn on the television or radio or pick up a newspaper you are bombarded with news of the rotten state of the economy. Our world is on the brink of economic collapse or, worse yet, economic Armageddon.

Four Money Belief Patterns

According to a study by researchers at Kansas State University and published in the Journal of Financial Therapy there are four money belief patterns that may have a negative impact on our financial health: 1. Avoidance – Avoiders tend to believe money is bad, or that they do not deserve it. They are fearful about using credit cards or overdrawing their bank account.

Life Changes: How to Prepare Financially

The first instinct for many people for whom retirement is on the horizon is to relax. After all, isn’t that what retirement is all about? You’ve worked your entire adult life to relax throughout your golden years!

Preparing to Apply for Home Affordable Refinance Program

Once you determine that you are likely eligible for the Home Affordable Refinance Program, you will want to prepare yourself for the process of applying for the refinance loan. This can be a complicated and confusing process, but it is made much easier if you are fully prepared for everything that will be required of you.

Health Savings Accounts – What Constitutes a “Qualified Medical Expense”

When taking advantage of a tax-deferred health savings account, it is important to realize that funds from an HSA that are used for “other” (not considered health-related) expenses not only become taxable, but will also incur a hefty 20% penalty. What is considered a Qualified Medical Expense, and how can you be sure that you are within IRS guidelines when using money from your HSA?

One Way To Take Care Of Your Personal Finances

One way to take care of your personal finances is to get a good health insurance policy. Everyone is bound to get sick at one point or another. This is the main reason in which having a good health insurance plan in place is very important to your life. Doctor, hospital and prescription medication costs can total thousands upon thousands of dollars. This can ruin you financially if you don’t possess insurance.

Financial Bodies Re-Shaping Business Communities and Economies

Financial innovations are at its peak and international financial bodies are moving ahead towards globalization and cross-border transactions. They are facilitating organizations to dominate in their niche through greater flexibility of banking and finance regulations.

Top 5 Ways to Save Money During a Recession

With the UK officially in a double dip recession, money is on everyone’s minds. Here are 5 easy tips to keep control of your finances and ride the tide of the latest economic turmoil.

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