Our 2019 Goals Planning & Motivation- How to Change Your Life Series

The Wealth Process

Building your financial empire is a process – a simple three step process. And one that, if you follow through to the final step, will get you there every time.

Silver – How and When to Buy – Will it Go Up in Value?

Look in your change purse, do you see any gold coins? Chances are, the answer is no. Now look in your change purse and see if there are any silver coins. Chances are, you have lots of them. And that may be the difference between why gold looks more valuable than silver. Of course there are deeper issues why gold is more valuable than silver, but just on the surface, how frequently do we run across gold coins as opposed to how frequently we run across silver coins, silver looks almost inconsequential. But are we giving silver enough credit for being a valuable element?

My 5 Year Plan Towards Financial Freedom

It is my goal to be financially free in just 5 years. Now as you may know this is not exactly the ‘norm’, you don’t see a lot of people retiring before they reach 30. In fact most people these days can’t even afford to retire when they reach 65.

Get Rich by Taking it One Month at a Time

Generally when I get to the start of a new year I feel relieved that the previous year is over. Usually I am pretty down on myself because I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to accomplish and about this time of the year I am really excited to achieve the ridiculous goals I set for myself. I must say that this year is very different.

You Can Be Financially Free in One Deal

I realised that I am just one property deal away from being completely financially free. Just one freaking deal. Not 100 deals, not 50 deals, not even 10 deals just one deal away from financial freedom.

Get Rick Quick – Is it Possible?

Get rich quick, that’s what most people are aiming for in this modern fast moving world. Some people just think about it while working their nine to five, others are actively trying to get rich quick day in day out. But how feasible is it to make fast money when you’re competing against thousands on thousands of people trying to do the same thing?

Devaluation Currency – Gold History Part 2

How did your currency become worthless? This article traces the history of currency from the 12 century to modern day where the same elements of greed, war and religion emerge time and again. The reduction of precious metals in coins is equivalent to the dilution of a currency today, as debt creation reduces its worth or purchasing power. In wartime, governments lose their financial discipline to win at any cost, which ends up costing everything.

Wealth Creation – A Call For Action

Action is the most potent tool for success and wealth creation. Most people with big dreams would unfortunately end up as mere dreamers. Dreams are sweet and rewarding.

Wealth Building – 7 Secrets From the Richest Man in Babylon

Have you ever wondered how you go about building wealth? Well, it’s actually not that complicated at all. All it takes is a few simple steps and you too can start to build wealth quickly. The book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason, written in the 192Os, is an excellent source of sound wealth building tips. If you follow the steps in Chapter 3, “7 Cures for a Lean Purse”, you’ll have learnt the first important steps in any wealth building strategy. Here is a modern interpretation of these fundamental ‘wealth building’ principles.

Want to Find Ways to Make Extra Money You Will Need?

In order to succeed in any time period, one must develop and hone their skill set in order to find ways to make extra money. While it is easier today then ever before to find and consume all the information that you will need to be successful, you still have to find the right information.

Getting Richer With Scraps

Scrap copper prices have indeed increased tremendously nowadays. Little do most individuals know that this metal can be used as recycling materials and you could even earn quite a lot of money from it.

With Wealth Creation You Can Thrive In a Global Credit Crisis

There are four critical things one must bear in mind in order to reach the ultimate wealth creation area of stability. These will also prove to be four vitally important keys to opening a wealth of success.

The Method to Success in Money Making is to Never Stop Trying

Money making is something that everyone thinks about. Seriously who does not want more money? Who does not need more money? The truth is that everyone always has room for more. The best way to go about learning how is to find those were financially successful, learn what they do, and then copy it as closely as possible.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of CD Investments

When it comes to purchasing CDs there are a many obvious benefits and drawbacks. CDs are considered a “safe” or “good” investment but do not offer high returns.

Why the Money Changes Have Been Around For Hundreds of Years

So what do you think, the problems that we are currently facing in the financial world are all by coincidence? Some extra ordinary individual over night came up with a genius plan to scam the entire world to make a few of his associates wealthy? Sounds to good to be true right, well you are correct once again.

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