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How to Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility

So many of us struggle with finances as we enter adulthood. When we become parents, we don’t always know the best tools to teach our kids financial responsibility, because we never learned it ourselves.

Five Ways To Save Money – In Your First Job

Starting your first job means you are now making money, but how do you take good care of your new found wealth? Five money tips to get you on your way.

You Are Probably Not Thinking About Medical Insurance for Expats, But You Should

Medical insurance for expats is something that is easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of moving to another country, and life assurance is something that no-one likes to talk about. These two things, though, are absolutely vital to your security, and that of your family. Get an expert to help you, and find some peace of mind.

Build Affordability in Your Spending Decision Process: Part 1 of 2

Affordable means the ability to pay for an item and not take on debt, and not compromise current and projected household budgets, plans and commitments. For a private home, we tweak this definition to accommodate a realistic mortgage.

How and Why to Order Personal Checks Online

When you order personal checks from an online company, you have access to hundreds of check designs that aren’t available through the usual channels like your bank or credit union. Even though your bank will give you your first checks for free, the subsequent cost is much higher than online personal check companies. When you consider the potential savings and the wider selection, it makes sense to order checks online.

Cash For Clothing – Recover A Dwindling Economy

With current uncertain economic times, some people in our society have to deal with hard times. Even well to do families are looking at options to trim down their expenses. Unfortunate as it may sound, it has actually led some people to create innovative alternatives. Cash for clothing is one such initiative that has sprung up from the confines of human brain due to the economic downturn.

Mortgage Relief Hard To Come By

As more homeowners file complaints about stubborn lending practices and foreclosure aid scams, another problem comes to light. Since the peak of the foreclosure crisis hit more homeowners have been denied loan modification and other mortgage relief options than ever before. For those who have put forth good faith efforts to resolve their mortgage debts before foreclosure struck, the inability to find good help comes as a major disappointment.

The Upcoming Facebook and Zynga IPOs – Should You Get Involved or Stay Out?

IPOs (initial public offering) appear to have lost a small amount of their luster within the last decade or so, but the truth is everyone still turns their heads whenever a “big name” walks by and announces an IPO. Earlier this year it was the Groupon IPO, this past year it was the “new” General Motors. Whenever a company announces their IPO, lots of people want “in” – it’s obvious why: who among us hasn’t asked (at least to themselves, if not aloud) “I wonder what would’ve happened if.

The Financial Problems Single Parents Face Today

These are difficult times for everyone. The amount of countries not in a recession you can probably count on your one hand, though admittedly I’m no expert on world economics. The financial doldrums have weighed heavier on some people, like single parents. Just about everything has gone up in price but salaries tend to remain the same, meaning whatever money you had before, now has to stretch that much further. Of course what goes hand in hand with financial problems is an increase in stress levels.

How to Get the Most From Your Retirement Pension

Retirees simply don’t know how much money they can lose by not having a Life Insurance specialist involved in their retirement planning. In this article Claude lost about $300,000 when it is all calculated, and he was not a high wage earner. You might be very surprised at how simple the solution is for many.

What to Do With Extra Money

Many of our economic problems begin because we donΒ΄t know what to do with extra money. Somehow, when we are going through kindergarten, primary or middle school, we are not taught to save those extra dollars that we have in our pocket, and we end up buying a candy, toy, pencil, or whatever we would enjoy at that stage of our life.

Tips on Money Management During Economic Recession

The recession calls for a strict watch on your personal finances and budget. During these tough times you need to be astute in money management in order to secure your finances. This is a time when you may face a cutback in income. However, with a few precautions you can end up beating the recession and maintain a healthy financial status.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Accident statistics – The latest UK Government figures published in June 2011 on road accidents show that whilst the numbers continue to reduce year on year there are still 208,655 casualties in road accidents of which 24,517 were serious injuries or fatalities. So whilst the numbers are moving in the right direction there is still substantive numbers of people suffering injuries from road accidents every year with almost 500 serious injuries or fatalities every week. Definition of a road traffic collision A reportable road traffic collision is…

Financial Education for School Children

Habits die hard. So, if we are going to be slaves of our habits, lets at least have good habits. If we stretch this point, it is easy to see the case for money and financial education for school children.

Finding the Right Banking Solutions for Your Small Business

Today, you can even choose from remote banks or traditional banks so that you can have even better access to your money where and when you need it. Make sure that you look at the reputation of any bank that you consider working with because this is going to be an important issue.

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