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Pre-Retirement – Your Own Internet Business?

Now, pre-retirement covers a lot of people. Everybody who’s not retired is in that stage, right? Will you get caught with your pants down? You had better be ready. This article might just open your eyes a little bit.

How to Get More Money In Life

Some of you will be a bit surprised to see me supporting an interest in money – Buddhists don’t do money, right? But some of you would really like more money, and are wondering why you still haven’t got as much as you’d like. This one’s for you, because you deserve the best too!

4 Ways to Make Some Extra Money at Christmas

The best Christmas money makers are very much things you can (and really should) start up right now, quickly and easily, and operate at full pelt for the next eight weeks or so. Then come the New Year shut them down and move onto something else. I’ve been doing some digging and unearthed a few projects you might find interesting if you’re looking for a Christmas money maker.

What Are Tax Shelters? And How They Can Benefit You

There are a number of ways to save and accumulate wealth without heavy taxation. Here is a look at what are tax shelters and how they can benefit you.

The First Step to Financial Freedom

It is said that you cannot become absolutely financially free unless you get out of the debt trap because debt is the main reason why most people never get on the road to financial independence in their lifetime. That is unless you do everything in your power to free yourself from the debt trap.

What If Everyone Was Born Rich?

Growing up, I always dreamed of being rich and living in a big house. Don’t most kids? Every weekend I would read through the Real Estate section of the newspaper.

How to Sell Gold Jewellery From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Do you need to sell your gold jewellery? If your old jewellery is just taking up room, it may be time to turn it into extra cash. There are a couple of different ways you can sell your old gold jewellery from home.

Become Wealthy: 3 Secrets You Must Know to Become a Billionaire

Do you want an extraordinary, wealthy lifestyle? Creating wealth requires you to learn a set of skills, and to think a certain way. Only 1-3% of people actually become wealthy because they take the time to learn the skills and strategies to create wealth, and they are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

How to Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom

So you want to become very rich and rub shoulders with the likes of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and also retire with billions of dollars to your name like the queen of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey? Well, that’s great news!

How Can I Get Rich Now?

Freedom is the ability to do anything you want, as and when you want to. And money is the sole object that secures such freedom. Passion and talent sure do allow some to enjoy all that life offers, but seldom are they accompanied by the security and the space to maneuver that money warrants.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Mike Dillard – Founder of The Elevation Group

For those of you who are not familiar with The Elevation Group, you may be wondering who is Mike Dillard, the group’s founder. I know that when I came across The Elevation Group for the first time, I was unsure about who Mike Dillard was having no past knowledge about him. As some of you may be in the same situation that I was in, I think my brief introduction about Mike below will shed some light on who is the man behind the wealth building program – The Elevation Group.

Wealth Manipulation

Being wealthy is not enough on this ever-so-struggling world. Yes, everyone strives to earn more, but earning more is not enough, not every business is stable, even stable firms tends to slip-off every once in a while, so it is really not enough to earn more.

How to Price-Mark and Discover Yard Sale Items

Garage sale pieces can be located practically anyplace in a person’s home. The basic act of cleaning and purging can lead to a bonanza of stuff that can be put up for sale in a garage sale to make a bit of added cash. If a person is thinking about organizing the preeminent garage sale of the year, then they will want to ensure that the items they sell will be of great use to someone else.

Review of American Debt Crisis and Lessons to Learn

If you take the time to review the national debt crisis you will come up with some astounding results that just might scare you. Looking at the overall debt picture, it is easy to see that America is in debt up to its eyeballs. In fact, the amount that America now owes is fast approaching a staggering $15 trillion.

Reviewing Real Estate Markets for Financial Impacts

There are many factors to review when it comes to finances with a big one being the real estate market. What many would consider to be the opportunity of a lifetime, others are now saying there are a number of years to go until the real estate market bottoms out. So which way should you lean and how will it affect your financial goals?

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