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Day 100 Of Unemployment: Time Is Money, It’s Time for a New Investment Strategy

How does the “YOU” budget work? I want you to set aside a minimum of 1% of your desired annual salary and invest it in you and your career search. Here’s how it looks: If you are aiming for a job that annually pays $50,000/year, you would set aside $500. If you are aiming for a job that annually pays $75,000/year, you would set aside $750. The higher the desired potential income, the higher the required personal investment. The larger investment correlates with the increased responsibility, customization and the level of professionalism and preparedness expected for higher level positions. Feel free to invest more money for greater results.

For US Expats: Tax Loss Harvesting – A Strategy for Volatile Markets

With all the ups and downs in the markets this year, it’s likely you’re sitting on a loss somewhere in your portfolio, especially if you’ve been following a disciplined strategy of regularly adding to your investments for retirement. Suffering short-term “losses” in the pursuit of achieving longer-term gains is never fun, but if you are a U.S. expat, there is a way you can use these short-term “losses” to your advantage. By realizing your losses and offsetting them against realized investment gains and other income, you can reduce your current year U.S. tax burden, defer tax, and even boost your portfolio returns through a process called tax-loss harvesting.

Avoiding Foreclosure

For many Americans, foreclosure has become a very real part of their financial past or recent future. The economic pressures on the housing market, along with a stalling job market, have left many homeowners without a home. To make matters worse, recent reports reveal that homeowners are uneducated as to their options, many of which could have prevented a foreclosure from happening. Anyone experiencing financial setbacks should become aware of their options before the foreclosure notice hits the mailbox; there is a real chance that taking action as soon as a payment is missed could help save the home.

How to Protect Your Cash From Sir Mervyn’s Shredder

If you’re a saver, of course, the effect of all this counterfeiting has been catastrophic. Because of the Bank’s low interest rate policy and reckless dilution of the currency, your efforts are being consistently and willfully undermined. The Bank is still imbued with the damaging notion that spending and consumption is good and saving is bad and must be discouraged at all costs, with all the corrosive implications that has for society as a whole.

What Would Be Your Retirement Reality In Diaspora? How To Prepare For Today And Tomorrow

All of us are getting older abroad, whether we accept it or not. In the next few decades the obituary pages overseas will sadly contain more African names from the 1970s to 1990s tidal wave of immigrants. For many Africans retirement abroad is an uncharted waters and that is more reason to prepare for this eventuality for the lucky ones.

A Laddered Bond Portfolio Can Reduce Nausea

Even the “professional portfolio managers” that manage billions of dollars can be wrong, ahem, more than once. That’s why I think you should consider a laddered bond portfolio.

How To Evaluate A Pension Plan

There was time when a pension was a guarantee of lifetime income for retirees. This is not the case anymore because many pension plans come with serious limitations.

How to Save Money At Home During the Economic Recession

Many financial experts have indicated that the state of the American economy is more like another depression instead of a prolonged recession. The only way that average people will be able to thrive and prosper during tough economic times is if they search for more ways to save money from home.

Ways To Find Money To Start Budgeting

There is nothing more difficult then finding that extra bit of money to invest or to put away for saving reasons. Everyone is always looking for that additional bit of cash to help start budgeting. But, where can you find the room to squeeze it out of your monthly budget?

How to Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy

While kids can learn just about everything they need at school and college, one of the most important things that they need to learn from their parents at a young age is financial literacy. Many of us make the mistake of giving kids an allowance but not following up on how they make use of it. Neither do we make them realize the need for saving money at a young age and go beyond the concept of a piggy bank. When it comes to financial education, training the kids needs to be made a habit from an early age. Make your child aware of what his or her piggy bank is really about. Kids can pick up fast and once they are aware of the benefits of saving, they are well on their way to financial wellness.

Financial Literacy Declines Throughout Retirement

A new study shows our financial skills continually decline beginning at age 60. Yet most people in the study claimed their confidence in the financial skills increased. Is this why more fraud occurs among the elderly? As a society we ask people to make their most important financial decisions, Social Security, Medicare and personal investing just when their ability to make sound decisions declines. How will you manage your retirement years?

Why You Need to Prepare a Personal Profit and Loss Statement

Employers make profit or loss and an employee makes savings or run into a sort of deficit. The point where you will be able to know your savings or deficit out of your personal income is through the detailed preparation of an income and expenses statement.

Great Advice On How To Control Your Personal Finances

Personal finances can get out of control when you don’t have enough monthly income. You need to pick and choose when dealing with your finances. Get rid of things you do not need and use this money to pay off other debts.

7 Secrets for Kick-Starting Your Financial Prosperity

I know it seems so easy to blame and make-wrong “out there” for where we are financially. However, I’d like to suggest that we must go within and look at our own personal relationship with money, heal that and then bring a solution to the table of the financial chaos we’re witnessing and being a part of.

Find Out How You Could Save Up Money By Managing Your Finances

Life can be very difficult if your financial situation is not in order. Sleepless nights and never-ending worry are signs that you need to take care of your situation immediately, but even if you aren’t in financial dire straits, you can also benefit from having a good financial picture. Here are a few tips to improve your finances.

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