NFTs: What are they? And why are some worth Millions

A Can of Cat Food With Every 401(K)

What does a study in hand washing have to do with your retirement plan? On a regular basis I see very smart, educated people try to handle their own finances. And yet those same people, with some knowledge of finance, make bad decisions.

A Strong Foundation

Securing your kid’s financial future is a goal you can ill-afford to put on the back burner. In the last few articles of this series, we have seen how mutual funds (MFs) can facilitate the achievement of long-term financial objectives, such as that of buying a house.

10 Ways to Make More Money

Given the current state of our economy, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to make more money. Whether they have a family to support or bills to pay, money is their common need. People become overwhelmed in trying to find different ways to make more money. Luckily, there are several different ways people can make more money during their time of need.

Revisiting a Reliable Valuation Metric

Most of my listeners have been buying and selling stocks for many years now. And while each of you may have your preferred techniques to make buying and selling decisions, I like from time to time, to share some of my insights on the most important factors I consider when valuing a stock for purchase.

How to Talk to Your Spouse or Partner About Finances

It’s vitally important to have personal finance discussions with your spouse or partner. Understanding how to speak about money, in a helpful and worthwhile way, can create the best foundation for both your relationship as well as your financial well-being.

Be Self-Empowered In 2012!

What do we mean by the age of consumerism, and did that end with the recent recession? Now that the recession hit hard, what do we do about it?

A Primer on the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program

Success comes to those who strive hard for it. This is a fundamental promise of education, but can be much more difficult to obtain when you do not have the money to finance your own schooling.

Get Started With Smart Investing

There are many ways to invest smartly for the future. Learn exactly what you should do and what to avoid for the best investment decisions.

Stocks Rise Against All Odds – The Market Loves That Wall of Worry

The market is steam rolling forward against all odds climbing that wall of worry. Few thought it was possible, which of course is why it’s happening.

Significance of Forex Signals in Turning Around Profits in the Market

If you want to achieve success in the foreign exchange market, sheer hard work might not be sufficient to sail you through! You must make sure that you have access to the best forex signals to be in the lead all the time.

SIPPS – A Pension Worth Considering

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to retirement planning – but SIPP pensions may be the answer you’re looking for. A SIPPS can offer lots more in the way of flexibility, especially when it comes to investments, so it’s worth finding out a little more about them.

Wolf Checks – Celebrate the Spirit of Wilderness

Take a look at all the usual checks that people use for several transactions in our everyday life, you will figure out that they look so plain and boring. They do not have anything unique in them and are the same ordinary old fashioned checks.

Understanding Net Worth

One’s value is not dependent on the numb er of cars parked at the garage. Value is beyond tangible things one owns.

Top Ten Financial No-Brainers for Newlyweds

Congratulations! You just spent the last 13 months on the largest and longest-running shopping spree of your lives-all in preparation for one big day! Now what?

Managing Your Marriage, Mission, and Money

If you are an “average” American couple, you just dropped $27,000 on your wedding, not including your honeymoon, and you have both credit card and student loan debt, but you did not spend one minute on personal financial planning prior to the big day. Your bouquet is drying in garage; your ring is a bit less shiny; and your wedding album has found its home on your coffee table. So what’s next?

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