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How to Find Money Held by the State and Other Missing Funds For Finder’s Fees

If you’re wondering how to find money held by the state, you’re probably considering getting involved in the “found money” business. Becoming a money finder is fairly easy, and using a few legal loopholes, you can make some nice income reconnecting people with their lost funds. Here’s how to find money held by the state, and other unclaimed funds.

Wealth Management Guidelines For Anyone Seeking to Generate Wealth and Remain Rich

The secret of building wealth and remaining rich all begins in your mind. As for wealth management, it calls for tact and employing different ideas that will bring in more revenue. There is an adage that states that it is easy to become number one, but the real challenge is to remain number one. Today I will discuss on things you need to consider to build wealth and remain at the top.

Building Wealth Tips and the Right Mindset of a Millionaire

It is time to change your mind set when it comes to building wealth. Convince your mind that you have the ability to achieve financial freedom and for sure you will become rich in due time. As much as generating wealth may appear as difficult, the best approach is first to work on your thought pattern…

The Value of Increasing a Young Investors Savings Rate

While investment returns are an elemental component of accumulating wealth they are neither the only factor, nor the most important for young investors. I would like to suggest that for college-aged individuals the most important component of wealth building is in fact the savings rate of the individual. Thus I encourage my peers to focus on saving more rather than reaching for extra returns (through excessive risk).

How to Safely Buy Silver Coins

If you are reading through this article, than you might be wondering what it might take to get you started in a new hobby of collecting silver coins. To buy silver coins, is a lot like the gold coin collections, which can get pricey the rarer they are, so be prepared for an expensive hobby.

Easy Ways to Make Money

It is always a popular idea to make money without having to do much work. One of the best ways to do this is to assume a delegation role and hand out the actual jobs to others. In this article, we are going to look at how some business owners do just that.

Do Your Children Have Wealthy Grandparents? If So, Be Worried

Children from families that have had generations of money usually do not see the connection between the hard work that was needed to acquire material success. As such, wealth can be as much a burden as benefit.

Wealth Creation Tool

Which tool do you use in wealth creation? What are your methods of acquiring wealth?

Wealth Builders – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Some people reach a time in their life when suddenly it dawns on them that the life they are living is not what they want. This moment can be triggered by many different things.

3 Ways to Save Extra Money Each Month

Below are three ways to earn extra money each month. This article is designed to inform people how they can make more money each month to supplement their jobs.

What Comes After Overspending?

Advertisers’ job is to attract you with all your senses starting with visual and feelings. Their job is to make it so attractive that you cannot say no and is it working you asks, you bet, take a look at the economy and see how much people are in debt.

The Science of Getting Rich – How Anyone Can Become Rich – Part 1

Wallace D. Wattles, in his 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich, details how you can get rich but his reasons for doing so are much more than the simple attainment of money and wealth. Prosperity – however you define it – is a timeless desire.

How to Find Money in Everyday Life

In this tough economy, with no signs of it letting up soon, everyone is looking for some way to get extra money out of their budget. You’re probably in this position as well, having scoured your budget several times and yet you still have too much month at the end of the money.

Debt Relief and Wealth Building – How Much Wealth Can You Expect After Debt Relief

Many people obsess over their future once they have had to seek debt relief. You are probably wondering how to create personal wealth building once you have had to use debt relief and one way is to start your own business. Sound impossible? Well the fact is it is just as easy for you to build your wealth after debt relief as it was before.

Ideas on How to Retire Wealthy

Well, unfortunately, I can’t tell you about a secret way in which you can retire wealthy, but I can help you with some ideas that might just help you live a little better, because that is all we want, just a little better. The first things you can do to retire wealthy is to have a good job, not an amazing one, but a normal, average paid job, maybe slightly higher.

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