Money will never make you happy

TR Binary Options ProOption

TR Binary Options offers one of the most innovative binary option tools on the market: the TR Binary Options ProOption. Learn how to make more money with ProOption now!

American Express Credit Card – Find the Ideal AMEX Credit Card for Your Needs

Did you know that American Express offers 9 credit cards in 7 types, with 3 kind of reward programmes? For a world that thrives on choice, there is something for everyone in the American Express credit card collection, though most of the cards are good for frequent flyers and fans of Singapore Airlines. Let’s take a quick look at each card and its benefits.

Ideal Legacy Planning Strategies for Businessmen

Legacy planning is hard, especially for businessmen who want to leave a lasting legacy. Here are a few tips to make the process easier for them.

What Are Your Financial Resolutions For The New Year?

2017 is quickly coming to a close. It’s a perfect time to renovate your financial life by making resolutions that can move you closer to financial freedom in 2018. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Focused Money

Money mistakes are the most common cause of financial independence.Learn about making smart decisions with money.

Why You Should Learn to Swing Trade, Even If You Have a Busy Life

I tried day trading once. I tried to fit it in between working 60 hours a week, continuous meetings and phone calls, coaching, volunteering for school, etc. Let’s just say it didn’t work out.

Traits And Skills of Bank Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important parts of mobile banking. Banks are actually service based kind of business so many of the activities involve service elements. They do sell financial and banking products, but the tangible product is very little. The service manager’s deal with service issues directly, but there are some jobs that have to do with service.

Telephone Banking And Its Popularity

Banks as well as other kinds of financial institutions provide telephone banking. It allows customers to perform different kinds of financial transactions on phone without necessarily going to the bank physically or going to the ATM. For this kind of banking, customers enjoy longer opening times and there are actually institutions that make the service available 24 hours every day. There are restrictions regarding the accounts accessed through this method and amount limits that one can transact.

How to Handle the Effects of Inflation During Pre-Retirement and Post Retirement

We often hear from our parents and grandparents that they used to buy movie tickets for Rs. 5. Milk that we used to buy for Rs. 13 few years back has doubled now. Have you ever thought why such change in price happens? The answer is inflation.

Are You Aware of These 4 Improbable Claims Often Made to Investors?

Buyer Beware “The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller but one”. This proverb cannot be over emphasized as a buyer needs to be on his guard whenever he or she chooses to make a purchase of goods or services.

What Can Bring an Economic Boom to India?

How bad is bad? Or for that matter how much sugar is there in sweetness, really? Perhaps we rarely stop to think. Bad or good are more or less absolute to us, and we often refrain from probing further into their causes. Personal health is one area however, which we do not leave to chance. So why should we not do the same about our financial and economic health?

Equity Financing: The Accountants’ Perspective

Deciding to finance business could either be by equity or debt is viewed in different ways by different stakeholders in every business. The Accountant also has a perspective on that which I have expressed an opinion on.

The Importance Of Financial Means

They say money can’t buy happiness. That is not entirely true. In today’s world in America and all around the globe, money is the predominate means to attain the necessities of life.

How Long Is ‘Long Term’ in Equity?

For someone running the last 100 meters of a 42 Km marathon, one sec can seem to be quite a time. On the other hand, to change a simple habit in your life, a decade may seem quite small. Long Term, therefore, is a relative term in life. But it is not so in equity investments. Whether it is mutual funds or stocks, we can define Long Term quite precisely, clearly and objectively – with logical data points. Let us see how.

Eight Habits That Can Drive You Into Poverty

Many people are driven into poverty not as a result of their circumstances of birth but as a result of their own habits. I have explained here those habits. Pay close attention to this articles. Perhaps it will help you to avoid those habits.

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