Money Resolutions for 2020 – Financial Goals For Your Best Year Ever!

Five Common Factors Affecting Financialitis

Financialitis is a malady of your personal finances that can lead to mild discomfort, serious dis-ease and, in extreme and rare cases, even death. While it appears to infect most working aged adults, infants and children nor the elderly are shielded from the effects. Five factors have been identified that initiate the onset of financialitis: personal definition of wealth, belief system of culture or community, effects of economy, gender inequality, and catastrophic or natural events.

How to Invest Money Wisely

How to invest money wisely is the question that many people ask themselves, but very few really understand the process. Every day you are making financial decisions that impact your life. Anytime you invest money, there is some amount of risk involved. With the economy like it is today, the stock market fluctuates frequently. It is important to make wise and thought out investments choices. If you have a little more money to invest, you might want to consider…

Become Rich – 5 Tested Strategies

If you want to know how to become rich, you have to be willing to take action on critical steps that will get you there. There are easy tips you can take that might turn you into a millionaire 50 years from now, but if you want to know how to become rich fast, you’ll have to be a bit more creative and persistent.

How to Become a Millionaire Fast in Today’s Economy – 6 Tips

Studying the success stories of one-generation millionaires shows that they share several common characteristics and strategies that have led them to learn to become a millionaire fast. They do not necessarily have the highest IQ, the most important family or political ties or even the most elite education. What they do possess is…

The Art of Attracting Abundance

Most of us have been subconsciously programmed to save for a rainy day. Even every financial planning advices us to start an emergency fund to meet up with any financial emergencies. But there are better ways of attracting abundance than that.

How to Improve Your Financial Spread Betting Strategy

A look at the current state of the manufacturing industry from an investing perspective. CFDs can be used to trade against or with manufacturing indicators.

Investing Through Dis-Investing

The fact that the one thing which is constant is change has never before been more plausible than at present. Just reminding myself of the abrupt changes taking place in the electronic gadgets and gizmos available in the market.

So, You Want to Be a Millionaire?

Money magazine ran an interesting cover story in their April 2011 issue called “How to be a Millionaire”. Granted, being a millionaire doesn’t quite have the same impact it did several decades ago, but still, only 7% of American households have attained that status, so it’s still a worthwhile goal, even if today’s million isn’t worth as much as Grandpa’s million was. So, how do you become a millionaire?

Secrets to Becoming Rich: Part 1

Are you tired of being broke? Would you like to become rich? Does it seem like the more money you make the less you have? Have you ever looked around and wondered why someone else seems to be well off when you know he doesn’t make any more money than you do? Well, I have a secret to tell you. Actually, it really isn’t a secret. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But, it really will make you rich. So, if you want to become rich, then listen up!

Investment Management Services to Help Your Money Grow

Nowadays, everyone is looking to make a quick buck. It takes a disciplined approach and careful preparation backed by precise knowledge to make an investment grow at a consistent rate. Since only a few manage to do it by themselves, we have professionals who provide investment management services to do so. Through careful analysis of an investor’s needs and goals, they assist them by investing their investments on their behalf to ensure considerable growth in a low-risk environment.

Creating Wealth Requires A Millionaire Mindset

Are you capable of having a Millionaire Mindset in the economy that we have today? The well informed will tell you that it is easier now than when the economy is booming. More people become wealthy in hard economic times than in times of prosperity. But first let’s define what it really means creating wealth.

Two Lessons From The Global Economy

The future will belong to Smart Entrepreneurs: people who are willing to bet on themselves and take initiative, but who also have taken the time and energy to educate themselves about what’s really going on in the global economy. Experts say more “new money” wealthy will be created during the coming few months than at any time in history… and that should be highly inspiring to you…

Being Successful At Building Wealth

When it comes to building wealth, there are a wide variety of options as well as factors for you to take into consideration. These things include your mindset, you current financial situation, the investment options that you can go for, and the financial goals that you want to achieve. The first of building wealth is setting a positive mindset.

Rules To Building Wealth Online

Building wealth online is something that everyone can do. This is because the internet offers a sheer quantity of opportunities, which we can all grab and take advantage of. Based on this, we can prove that anyone can create wealth online.

8 Ways To Gain Wealth In An Economic Downturn

Economic downturns are a fact of life. And here is the dirty little secret; the government is not what brings us out of recessions or depressions. They cannot improve our confidence in anything. We make a decision that the world is not going to end and we stick our head out of the rabbit hole and begin to spend a little more money. You see, money did not disappear people just quit spending it. No huge piles of money were burned in a pile at a secret location. So the same wealth or even more is available now as in a boom market.

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