Michael Burry Warns of An Upcoming Market Crash

Increase Your Income by Buying and Reselling Gold

The continually increasing prices of gold in the recent years give the impression that the Gold Rush, at its peak almost two centuries ago, is reappearing in this century. Hundreds and thousands of people are opting to sell gold or other precious metals, such as like platinum and silver, to book profits and thus supplement their earnings. Well, some people may find it a good opportunity to start the business of buying and reselling of gold.

Mis-Sold Mortgage Claims Continue to Build Up a Head of Steam!

Claims Management companies are now actively seeking new clients who have been sold mortgages by a broker. These new cases are starting to raise more questions as to whether this type of new claim may end up in Court like PPI. Before you make your claim, here are a few interesting points you may like to know.

Become a Salesman and Score A Quick Property Sale

Even though you may not have any background in marketing and sales, nor gifted with the power of persuasion and natural with for sales talk, you can still study to become a master salesman simply by observing other salesmen do their thing. In order to observe salesmen doing a quick property sale, go to any real estate office or land registration center. You’d immediately recognize salesmen because of their coat-and-tie outfit and briefcases.

The Reason Why You Are In a Better Position Than Most of the Money Managers

Have you ever thought how it is possible to time your investments in an efficient manner? Why big investors like Warren Buffet are picking the right stocks for their portfolio. How a few investors are beating the market constantly? The answer is quite simple: They Have the Time on Their side!

How Can You Access Your Chase Bank Account

U card Chase center is the online center where you can access your Chase bank account. Chase has a portal where you can access your Chase bank account and not only check your balance but also conduct transactions, view your account history, request new cards, etc… It used to be that you could log on at Chase bank account and be able to do all the transactions that you needed to do with your Chase bank account. Now you have to go to ucard.chase.com to be able to do these transactions and this is known as the U card Chase center.

Not Dismissing Investments If They Sound “Too Good to Be True” Can Be Life-Changing!

Investments that have good returns are often dismissed as being untrustworthy as being “too good to be true”. This article explains why, by keeping an open mind, you can find life changing investment products, without taking high risks.

Do You Know How to Get an EBT Card?

An EBT card is a card which can be used in the grocery stores and supermarkets to buy food. This card is a way in which the cash and food assistance benefits for low income families who qualify receive their benefits. But how to get an EBT card is the often asked question. To get the EBT card you have to qualify for SNAP benefits.

How to Calculate a Debt to Income Ratio

Your debt to income ratio has an impact on whether or not financial institutions will loan you money. You can calculate your own ratio in the simple steps below.

0% Interest Loans – Do They Really Exist and How to Find Them

I will write a whole article on zero percent interest loans, but when considering those, the best bet is to ask family or best friends. The second best bet is to borrow from your own deep pockets if you have them and rebuild. Those are the two best ways to get zero percent interest loans.

Why You Need The Assistance Of A Factoring Company And What Are The Benefits?

Factoring is a great financial alternative for businesses that are looking to grow. The most common problem that business owners encounter in their business is customers purchasing their products or services on credit. This type of practice significantly reduces the cash flow. Therefore, it becomes very essential to first improve your cash flow to allow you to pay staff salaries without delay and to make bulk purchases.

Saving for Pensions and Problems of Living Longer! Will Savings For Old Age Last As Long As You Do?

Retirement pension schemes in most of the world are no longer stretching far enough. With people living longer and costs rising, especially the cost of healthcare, we all have to plan better for our retirement. The average public and private pension scheme will not allow you to live comfortably in retirement. Start planning now.

Managing Your Finances the Easy Way

Just like everything comes to an end, there will a day when your job and your saving both would go away. And you won’t be young anymore to start all over.

10 Ways You Can Detect a Financial Fraud

Frauds and schemes will be with us forever and once we raise our awareness about how these snake-oil salesmen operate, we will be less likely to fall for the Bernie Madoff’s and Charles Ponzi’s. Here are 10 ways to reduce your vulnerability.

Online Cash Advance Loans Help Wrangle Financial Wrongs

Have you had any run-ins with credit score killers that threw you towards best online cash advance loans to rescue your budget? Sounds like a really bad attempt at a horror movie or the life and times of people who made some “not great” decisions concerning their credit cards. Creditors have become much more selective as to who they do business with.

Introduction to Buying and Selling Gold As a Hobby Investment

History is a perfect way to prove that people have always considered buying gold a great investment. From all the valuable metals existent out there, gold is by far the most popular one. The reason for this is the fact that gold is tangible.

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