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Fourth Principle of a Financial Takeover

As we have seen in the past year, the stock market has been unstable, economies taken a major dip, and rising unemployment. What we thought was a sure bet is no longer one. Long gone are the hefty returns. The markets are undergoing a correction due to the unstableness in other countries. The best analysts cannot predict the market or even tell us what to buy. We have learned in this market that there are no get rich quick schemes in investing…

The Best Way To Earn Money Using These Passive Income Ideas

The best way to earn money is to let it earn itself using these passive income ideas! The internet can be used in so many ways. What I will show you..

Why Salary Packaging Can Help You Today

Sometimes known as a salary sacrifice, salary packaging is a deal between the employer and the employee where part of their monthly salary is replaced by benefits such as a laptop, a mobile phone, or a company car. Vehicles can also be bought through a novated lease, where the company will rent the car on the employee’s behalf. In some cases, the employee can also choose to have their salary deducted while utilizing ‘green’ methods of receiving benefits.

Can Money Buy Us Happiness?

Actually money cannot buy us happiness, however, I would absolutely say that it’s better to have money than to not have money. Can you spend your way to a sunnier outlook on life? Sometimes it would certainly seem that way wouldn’t it?

You Can Achieve Financial Independence

Have you dreamed about living a life where you are financially independent, where you control your financial destiny and no one has claim to your financial resources? Achieving a life where you are the master of your financial future and you are able to live off the proceeds of your investments, without the necessity to work another day in your life, is a great place to aspire to reach. It is a place where you no longer need to work every day because you have to; everything you choose to do, you do because you want to. There is a whole new spectrum of opportunities, which open up to you.

How to Become Financially Successful in No Time

Financial Education is essential for your own financial success. You should remember that there are so many things out there that could lead you to bankruptcy; and the worst part is, you barely know all of these things. Education is essential in order to learn not only the new things in life but also the old (but still relevant) things that life has to offer.

Controlling The Flow of Money

Now it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said to her son, “Bring me another vessel.” And he said to her, “there is not another vessel.” So the oil ceased. 2 Kings 4:6. How many pots can you put out to gather cash?

Selling Your Way to Riches

The ability to sell is one of the key skills for a successful life. With very few exceptions, all successful businesses begin with a single person who is excited about the product and who is very good at selling it to others. This entrepreneur likes the product so much that he can hardly wait to talk to other people about it.

How S Corporations Can Expense Large Sums of Cash Without Spending That Cash

Statistically Americans save very little for retirement, in fact, less than 5% percent have $50,000 or more saved for retirement. For the 5% percent, a strategy for super funding a Defined Benefit plan and 401(k) is available. This article is meant for high income earners, operating a single member S Corporation. For the few single employee S Corporation owners that earn large sums of money with low overhead, this serves as yet one more way to keep earnings and allow pretax investing.

Continued Market Volatility – 4 More Reasons Why It’s Not All Bad

As you have most likely seen or read in the business headlines, there has been much speculation around the market volatility in Greece and the US. Much of what we see and hear is concerning and it seems everything is continuing to head downhill.

How to Build Wealth From Nothing – Straightforward to Success

Are you one of those millions of people asking themselves every single minute all over the world: How to build wealth from nothing? Well, the answer is very straightforward: “Hard work.” You might be thinking that it sounds easy, but we all know that is not that simple; otherwise each person in the planet would be rich.

Behaviors That Lead to Wealth Creation

In order to make serious money, you have to attune your thoughts and actions towards getting rich. Read on to learn a few key behaviors that can lead to great wealth.

Accumulate Incredible Wealth During Today’s Economic Crisis

Old-school retirement strategies for the middle class of finding financial advisers, and developing diversified portfolios of mutual funds for the long-term is dead. Too many boomers approaching retirement age have lost their ability to retire because the value of their nest-egg was tied to the stock market, which has been a difficult but valuable lesson to learn. What if there was a way to find out what the investing strategies of the “Ruling Class” are, which have been intentionally kept away from the Middle Class for ages? Start learning here what it’s going to take to thrive in the New World Economy.

Keeping Your Head Above Water

It may be difficult for people to keep their head above water when financial problems arise. Trying to build wealth is not easy. Finding a way to supplement the family income has become necessary for many people.

Building Wealth, Making Money

There can be no “fix” to an economy based on debt nor for a business’ or individual’s debt load unless the “fix” originates from the capital creation side of economic philosophy. Under the current model, debt never goes away, it is only added to future debt. The only solution to a crisis of debt is debt that provides periodic income in excess of the periodic payments necessary to acquire that debt.

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