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What’s Your Money Secret?

That secret recording, your secret recipe, or your secret talent! Everyone has a secret. Even in money matters. In fact, only a few people would really know your actual money records, spending habits, or financial history – and for sure there are one or two financial matters that you have been keeping to yourself… unknown even to your life partner. You probably had a spending or credit memory you’ve been wanting to forget; unfortunately, for money matters ‘past is past’ doesn’t really apply entirely.

Prepping for the After-OFW-Life

If you’re ready to retire as an OFW, or a Filipino who just started working abroad, you may want to consider reading this list of the working realities and the best ending story of an OFW’s journey. Take a peek into the common realizations when you’re finally working as an OFW, and see the list of the most realistic and recommended next steps after the OFW life.

Finding Your Financial Advisor

It is critically important to understand if your financial advisor will be acting as a fiduciary for you or, instead, seeking investments that are suitable for you. It is also important, though, to learn if this is a trusted person that understands your needs, offers an approach that feels comfortable, and has the experience you seek for your unique circumstances. To help navigate the sometimes stressful search, we have put together our top five recommended questions when seeking a financial advisor.

Control Your Finances The Easy Way

Too much month at the end of the money? Many people are faced with the problem of running out of money before their next payday. This is usually because they don’t take the time to organize their incomings and outgoings and end up wondering what happened to their money. There are solutions to help you control your finances which have helped me over the years and now I want to share them with you so you can learn to control your finances the easy way.

November Is Financial Literacy Month

Most of us only think of literacy in relation to reading. This month is meant to bring awareness to the term Financial Literacy and what it means to everyone. It doesn’t mean understanding how to look at your bank statement, but rather looking at your entire financial plan and understanding how it fits your stage of life.

Increase Your Income

Increasing your income is the only way to build wealth. The more you can increase your income the more you can save and invest later. The best way to increase your income is with your current income flow. Here is how you do it.

Your Financial Checklist of Things to Do When You Retire

You’ve finally made it to retirement age! Congratulations! Now it’s time to take a few smart financial steps so you can relax and enjoy your new-found freedom!

5.5 Steps on How to Save for Your Big Play

Save to invest into your big play. Do you have the financial resources to invest into the deal of a lifetime? Here are 5.5 steps to save for your next big deal.

Online Forex Trading – A Way to Enter in the Biggest Financial Market

The global increase in trade and foreign investments has led to inter-connection of many national economies. This and the resulting fluctuations in exchange rates, has created a huge international market for Forex, opening up another exciting avenue for trading.

The Secret Legacy Behind “Buy Term and Invest the Difference”

40 years after A.L. Williams started the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” movement, a new study reveals how his legacy has affected the American family’s financial health

Spend Money on Everything That Fulfills You

Very few things in life can provide fulfillment to the inner soul, and travel is one of them. When you combine travel with education, be it gaining or receiving the knowledge, it becomes a gratifying journey.

Reasons to Go Cashless and Ditch Paper Money

Going cashless can bring a lot of convenience to your life and make it easy to stay on a budget. More and more people are going this route and giving up paper currency all together. It looks like digital payments and cards can be used for everything. We’ve given you a few reasons why going cashless may be right for you.

Top Three Things You Should Do After Winning the Lottery

There’s nothing wrong about using the money you earned from winning the lottery for pleasure like shopping, travel and others. However, keep in mind that it will eventually run out if you keep on spending. Before it happens, make sure that you have undertaken the following tips in order to avoid problems and to ensure that your cash is spent wisely.

Life Changing Investment Mistakes

This article is about the biggest Investment mistakes that can change your life entirely. Investment is the method of generating profits with the money we save. Money is the most important thing in any individual’s life. Without money, no one can survive. Therefore we should start saving our money and start investing. Financial Planning is the first step to take. Financial Planning helps us to set us long term and short term goals and according to these goals we can create a plan and spend our money accordingly. If financial planning is not properly devised then we can make many mistakes which can affect our life tremendously. Some of the mistakes we make are discussed below.

How Does the 2018 Federal Budget Affect You and Your Family?

If you sat down at 7:30 last night to watch the 2018 Federal Budget Announcement, you may have found yourself a little overwhelmed. With so many figures and areas of taxation to get your head around, we have sat down, dissected and summarised the answers to the question you may be asking – “What’s in it for me (and my family)?

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