Life lessons school doesn’t teach you

Trusts and Annuities

Trusts come in many different forms and are used for many different purposes. Generally, trusts are either revocable or irrevocable, grantor or non-grantor, inter vivos or testamentary, and simple or complex.

Financial Clutter

Before you conclude that “de-cluttering your life/home/car/finances” is just the latest fad of the day, consider how much is lost by not paying attention to the clutter you may have in your own life. You hear about how “de-cluttering your home” is going to improve your life drastically. There are numerous shows on television dedicated to getting rid of clutter.

Debit Cards or Credit Cards?

You may be under the impression that only credit cards are likely to be infiltrated and it is far safer to use your debit card for all your transactions. Nothing can be further from the truth! Remember that your debit card is tied to your savings account while your credit card is restricted to a credit limit and is money yet to be paid!

Home Inventory – 3 Reasons To Have One Before A Disaster

Preparing a home inventory before a disaster is a proactive way to protect your finances. Here are three key reasons to create this document.

Why I Love The Prostitute Money Archetype – Did I Just Say That?

Staying in a less than optimal situation because of financial security is a Prostitute characteristic. However, the Prostitute Archetype has its positive qualities as well. It is adept at making hard choices, knows how to make it through hard times and is flexible, resilient and resourceful. The Challenge of the Prostitute is to trust in the divine for support rather than give in to survival fears.

How to Build Wealth in Your 20’s – 5 Wealth Building Secrets You Should Know

In financially unsure times, it pays to think ahead and budget. For many young Americans the economic recession has put a crunch on finances, but it’s still possible to build wealth in your 20’s. Building wealth is accomplished by being conscious of your finances. What you spend versus what you save is a key measurement, but more importantly, what are you spending your money on? Lasting wealth is built by spending money on investments and limiting frivolous spending. Follow these 5 wealth building secrets while your young and accumulate lasting wealth.

Saving Money In the United States

Saving money is what every citizen in America claims to strive for. Our society, in this time of day is beyond bankruptcy. We have dug ourselves in a hole so deep that the walls would be difficult to find just to try and climb out of.

How Can Children Learn Budgeting Basics?

Children should learn how to manage money and this should not be left to destiny or be learnt by trial and error later on in life. With children and more so with teenagers it is never easy to teach, they simply don’t want to be taught. However, they should know about money!

Investing Your Child’s Money For His Or Her Future

Start your children out with a small investment account and you can keep them out of the house and start them on toa great financial future. Here’s how you can start an account for them and help them learn how to invest for that day they head out on their own.

Students Get the Answer Key to Success in the Real World

Final exams may be a reflection of how well students paid attention last semester, but in another forty years a savings account collecting compound interest will reflect how well they prepared for life in the real world. Whether they work at a fast food counter or executive at a company both can equally and effortlessly retire at 65 years of age as millionaires if they start the good habit of saving now. It’s not how much they make; it’s how much they save.

Cutting Household Costs

Why is it that the months of January and February find many families taking a serious look at their household budget? After pulling your records together to prepare your income taxes, you might be considering questions such as; Are there cheaper options for telephone? Do you really need all those cable channels?

Retirement Expenses Matter, Especially in Mutual Funds

I saw a cool graphic the other day from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. It showed a gasoline pump broken into pieces to represent where the costs are in a gallon of gas. While 77% of the cost is crude oil itself, the rest were taxes and marketing. It got me thinking about the things we buy without knowing the internal costs, and our assumption that we must be getting the best deal available. Yet tax and marketing expenses are built into everything we do; in some cases we could lower those costs, thus keeping more of our own money.

A Real Life Explanation of the Global Economy

In basic terms, here’s what’s happening in Europe, and why we need to be very interested in the situation. Relating this to family, let’s say that my son Greg (Greece) has spent all his savings. He also lost his ability to earn an income, but continues to spend as if he’s still working.

An Intro to the Moneymaking Laws of the Universe

When it comes to moneymaking, some rules are truly universal. Let this article teach you the basics of these laws.

How to Choose an Online Bank

Years ago, finding a legitimate online bank was just about Mission Impossible. Today there are banks that are online only. In addition, some of traditional major banks offer online banking.

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