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Are You Saving Money on Gas?

If you’re not then this is for you. The gas prices are getting higher every day. It’s time that we take control at the gas pumps instead of having the gas companies. You could learn how to save money at the pump. You just have to follow some simple tips and want to do it.

Know Money or No Money?

Are your financial tools working together to help you hit your goals? There are no bad financial tools. They just all work differently.

Even With Strings, You Can’t Say No to a 401(K)

You’ve probably heard these words of wisdom more times than you can count, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” So, what do these two seemingly contradictory quips have to do with your retirement? Well, if you consider the ever-popular 401(k) plan, then a lot.

Money Management: It’s All About the Way of Thinking!

Close your eyes and think about your future. Where can you picture yourself five years from now? In a big bright office sitting in a deep leather “boss” chair? Giving autographs on the streets? Signing up your own books in a famous bookshop? Administering a charity? Or sitting in your house just like now and dreaming of all these things?

How to Calculate the Value of Your Scrap Gold

The value of gold jewelry is typically based on two factors; the value of gold and the artistic value of the jewelry. Learn how to calculate the value of your scrap gold based on the price of gold, as well as the purity and weight of your items.

Key Points to Understand When Selling Gold to an Online Gold Buyer

With the price of gold at an all time high, many people have decided to sell their unwanted gold jewelry. Before you sell gold to an online gold buyer, it is important to have the right expectation. This article covers a few things to keep in mind when setting expectations for payment.

More Places To Park Your Cash

In addition to passport accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit, there are other good places to stash away your excess cash. If you are in the position where you have some cash you need to put in a safe place, there are many alternatives to these aforementioned vehicles for your cash. When choosing a place for your money, you’ll want to keep in mind your particular needs and tolerance for accessibility, liquidity, earnings, and penalties.

Tried and True Places To Sock Away Cash

If you are lucky enough to have some cash that you need to park for short while, you may be wondering about your best options. It seems like all the financial institutions want to take it off your hands, but the range of incentives they offer you will vary widely. Experts say that the best short-term saving methods will match your needs in terms of access (how often you’ll need to use the account), interest rates, customer service, and penalties (in case you need to get the money out earlier than usual). Read on to find out the pros and cons of some of the best short-term savings options.

FDIC Insurance and Your Money

With all the ups and downs (and downs) of the economy, nervous investors often wonder if their money would just be safer under the mattress. However, if you have money in a bank located in the United States (rather than stock, mutual funds, and many other investments), your deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for loss in the event that an insured bank fails. While the money must be in an insured bank physically in the United States, depositors don’t have to be American — the citizenship of the depositor can be in any country. As of November 8, 2010, the FDIC provides insurance to 7,723 financial institutions that is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

Deals on Fixed Rate Bonds Are Becoming Harder to Get in 2011

Not so long ago deals on fixed rate bonds were offering investors great returns as high as 7% but with the current low interest rates these deals are rapidly disappearing. The economic recovery is taking its time and as a result savers looking for deals on fixed rate bonds face an uncertain future. Longer term bonds at current rates are considered a risky investment, with the problem being that tying up capital at relatively low rates risks seeing your return on investments suffer as interest rates rise.

Dave Ramsey and Warren Buffett Say No to Gold

If you know anything about personal finance, you probably know who Dave Ramsey is. He is a popular Christian personal finance expert, specifically in the area of debt reduction. He has helped thousands reduce debt and get their life back together. Recently, he got some flack from the media for slamming the purchase of physical gold. Here is an excerpt from one of his articles:

The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Apply for Social Security Benefits

You can find a handful of frequent mistakes you should understand when you elect to apply for social security disability benefits. Look at this particular list diligently well before you apply for social security benefits and you should have a greater chance of success in having the case authorized.

Nine Fast and Simple Ways To Save Money With Your Printer Cartridges

An area of cost saving I looked into in great depth was my home office. I found many areas where money could be saved with very little effect to my lifestyle. There were ways to save on my Internet costs, my phone bills, and my stationary. But one significant place I was able to save was a big surprise to me. My printing costs!

Trying To Find Financial Assistance for Tubal Reversal Surgery

Seeking financial assistance for tubal reversal surgery? Here are a few ways you can look into to find such funding. However, there are some pitfalls that you should be aware of as well which this article will give you some indication of and will tell you…

Overdraft Fees – Why You Were Charged an Overdraft Fee

In the world of high finance, the super-rich can afford to take risks with their money. However, for the middle class person just trying to get by on a fixed income, taking risks with your money is foolhardy. One way that many of us lose money unnecessarily is by paying bank fees – and especially overdraft fees. Here is why you were charged an overdraft fee, along with tips on how to avoid paying overdraft fees in the future.

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