Jeremy Grantham: The Next Crash Will Be Similar To 1929 / 2000

It’s Hard to Win As an Employee

Due to stagnant wages over the last forty years and ever-increasing prices over the same period, many find it difficult to hang on to their normal standard of living. The rules of money changed in 1971, yet many are unknowingly still playing by the old ones. Having a financial education in these tough economic times is more important than ever before.

Escape Average: Don’t Fit In!

Being average today is not a welcoming idea. With so many people in debt and feeling the pressures of ever-increasing living costs, having a financial education is more important today than ever.

Be Careful Who Your Teachers Are

Most financial “experts” are really financial salespeople. Develop your own financial education to learn how to make your money grow and work hard for you.

Are You Entertaining Money?

Are you doing what it takes to reach your financial goals? Have you developed a wealth strategy? Are you really entertaining money?

Consumers Aren’t Winners

In a world of constant consumption, it’s easy to fall victim to the idea that material possessions equate to success and happiness. More often than not, consumers end up in substantial debt by attempting to give the appearance of a life they can’t truly afford.

Why Financial Education Is Essential

Schools don’t teach students real financial education. As a result, many people find their lives in shambles because they don’t know how the world of money really works. Financial education, at the core, is about learning how to have money work hard for you, instead of you working for money.

Some Reasons To Start Your Retirement Financial Planning Now

For many people retirement seems like it is impossibly far off. However, the earlier you start your retirement financial planning, the better off you will be.

The Popularity of QSRs in 1031 Exchanges

Learn more about quick service restaurant growth. This article explains the link between growth and investor interest.

What Is Discretionary Income and Why You Should Care

Watching or listening to CNBC and other financial broadcasts can make your head spin. Many of the hosts use words that appear to have originated from another planet and are dismissed as useless financial jargon. However, understanding some of those basic financial terms could serve as your ticket to your own personal financial freedom and success.

Personal Financial Management

Financial Management 101 – Regarding: Life Insurance: While working for a life and health insurance company, I learned that “buying term life insurance”, and “investing the remaining money” almost always makes more sense than buying what is called “whole life insurance”. So, “buy term and invest the difference”. What should one invest in?

Getting The Help Financial Services Experts

Today, it is very important for people, especially those who are planning to start a family, to know how to manage their finances. Since you can see a lot of interesting merchandise around you, sometimes, you are tempted to buy things that you do not really need or are not really important. And as a result, you lose control in your finances.

Interest Rate Rises: 5 Things to Consider

The prospect of interest rate rises is upon us. What things should you consider before they do?

Achieve Financial Freedom With Simply Smart Investment

Apply these highlights from Tony Robbins on how to create an income for life without having to work again. Your action plan will include automating a smart investment approach and will be supported by an app assessing your financial future.

8 Facts You Need to Know About Claiming Back Your PPI Premiums

Are there really millions of pounds waiting to be claimed for PPI? 75% of UK residents who are entitled to make a PPI claim still haven’t done so and you don’t even need to use a PPI claims management company to do it. Here are the facts about PPI that everyone needs to know.

Seven Rules For Generating Wealth From The Book “The Richest Man in Babylon”

From ancient times, man had the desire and ambition to acquire wealth and maintain it. It has been observed that those who became successful in earning money developed certain sound financial principles with their experience. These principles are universal and unchanging.

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