What Is a 401(k) Plan? An Introduction for Employees

A 401(k) is a type of account that, if understood and utilized properly, could help employees meet retirement goals. Though there are many types of 401(k) plans out there including Simple, Safe Harbor, and the Individual 401(k)s, this article covers the more popular Traditional and Roth 401(k)s as it relates to employees.

Financial Freedom – Passion And Attitude Are The Secrets To Success

It takes a number of different things to transform your life to the success level you desire. In this article, I will address two of the most important secrets for me – Passion and Attitude.

5 Money-Wasting Habits to Stop Now

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” –Maria Robinson. Take a moment to think about this quote. Ask yourself how it relates to you and your personal finance habits. It’s not always about beginnings. Sometimes it is about endings – ending old ways of doing things so you can start building your ideal life.

Credit Cards – Choosing the Best Kind of Credit Card for You

Modern inventions and the market bring you many choices in terms of credit cards. It is sometimes very hard to find what kind or type of card(s) might be best for you. Also, what works well for one person might not be the best one for you, so it’s important to take your own financial situation into consideration as you ponder your alternatives.

Who Has the Best Checking Account Offer Out There Today?

People have been getting these thick envelopes from banks like Chase for a while now ever since Chase swallowed up WaMu three years ago. If you receive one of these packets from your bank, it can only mean one thing: what used to be your free checking account is now mired in fees. Chase will actually waive those fees in certain special circumstances – for instance, they’ll do it if you’re willing to leave a large average balance sitting in your account.

ChexSystems – You Can Lift The Curse

You don’t have to suffer the denial of a checking account when you’ve been the subject of a ChexSystems report. Read on to discover what you can do about it.

What’s a Retirement Calculator?

This article explains a retirement calculator. The article focuses on online retirement calculators and how to use them.

Online Retirement Calculators

This article lists various websites online with retirement calculators. It explains the differences in how each one uses different calculations.

What Is a Pension Calculator?

This article explains what a pension calculator is. The article provides information for users looking to begin planning their retirement and how to use a pension calculator.

Online Pension Calculators

This article lists various websites online with pension calculators. These are specifically for residents of the United Kingdom.

Retirement Funds: Calculating Your Costs

As people plan for retirement they must consider how much retirement funds they will need to survive. The sooner they plan, the easier it’ll be.

Gold and Silver: The Safest Route to Retirement Funds

One of the best ways to secure your retirement funds is by investing in gold and silver. This article will briefly discuss the benefits of this.

What Is Pension Annuity?

This article explains pension annuity. Pension annuity is how much a person receives from their pension fund between retirement and death.

The Straight Talk on Pension Annuity

This article goes behind the technical language of the financial press and explains pension annuity in plain English. If it ever confused you, this is the article you should be reading!

Investments for Early Retirement

This article explains why someone should pursue the option of early retirement. It presents the benefits of early retirement.

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