Is Waking Up Early Bad For You?

I Don’t Pay Anything for My 401(K), Right?

Let this be a wake-up call to those who really think that is the case: the reality is you ARE paying fees, but you’re probably not aware of how much those fees really are. Soon there will be changes coming into effect that will make these fees much more transparent to 401(k) participants and plan sponsors as well.

Thinking of Working With an “Advisor”? Ask This Question FIRST

If you ask this one question at the beginning, you’ll know whether you can continue the discussion or end it right there and start looking elsewhere: “Are you held to the suitability standard or the fiduciary standard when dealing with your clients”? Want to know what the difference is? Read further.

Six Figure Income Is Possible

This article looks at how you can position yourself to earning a consistent six figure income. Includes not only how to but why to as well.

How to Select the Best Junior Mining and Exploration Companies

To provide you with an overview of what we think are the best mining stocks, we have been screening several hundred stocks over the years. We will not tell you which companies to buy, but we will try to give you an information base, which you can use to quickly screen a rather confusing market. Our goal it to try and help you, the investor, figure out which companies have high investment potential and which are more likely to fail?

Tithing: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Struggling to make ends meet? Most people don’t bother to tithe because they never seem to have enough left over after all the bills get paid. The secret to consistent tithing lies in making it your top priority. That 10 percent needs to come off the top, not the bottom! Whether your monthly income is $10,000 or much less than that, you can begin tithing your way to financial peace. Like any undertaking, this is a process. But the results will astound you as you begin letting God have His rightful place in your finances.

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