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Rule No 1 For Your Financial Future: There Is No “I” in “Team”

Here is rule #1 for building your financial future. Whether you are a business owner, or an individual, you may rely on the advice and guidance of various financial professionals who may not be working together, as a team on your behalf. In a perfect world the people who provide financial planning & retirement, investment management and tax & estate planning advice should work together as your team, to provide professional advice that is suitable for you and in the best interests of your business or family.

A Cluttered Life Can Cost You In The Long Run: Manage Your Important Financial Documents

Perhaps you may be surprised to learn that many people have important financial documents strewn all over their homes – in desk drawers, underneath books, in various files cabinets and often not located in the correct file, in between books on their bookshelves, etc. After 20 years of serving hundreds of families and individuals as a financial advisor, I can attest to the truth of this behavior. If your filing system is anything like this, you may have a difficult time keeping tabs on your life, financially speaking.

Should You Hire An Independent Financial Advisor?

The difference between having a financial professional who is employed by a large national firm vs. an independent financial advisor (one who receives “1099″ vs. “W2″ income) may significantly impact the amount of fees or commissions that an investor may pay for the service that he or she receives. Independent financial advisors are are to pass significant cost savings on to their clients. Their ability to be cost competitive with respect to their compensation has everything to do with the fact that they do not have to “tow the line” for some large publicly traded national brokerage firm. In many cases, independent financial advisors pay 100% of their own expenses which may include office rent or lease. Therefore, they can more easily achieve a fixed cost of doing business, unlike many of their larger, national competitors which tend to be publicly traded companies.

Profitable Options for Gold Investors

More and more generations continue to buy gold as an investment. Though buying and possessing gold in the form of coins and bars continues to be the favorite of many, investors of today have many more options for buying gold as a hedge against the falling value of dollar. For quite some time now, the price of gold has been reaching new heights, while that of the dollar has been descending, proving that it is worth following the ‘gold standard’ even today, though the world continues to use official currencies.

How To Prevent Elderly Financial Exploitation

Elderly financial exploitation of seniors is generally described as the illegal or misuse of the funds, property or assets of individuals 60 and older. Seniors make up for one third of the nation’s net worth, which makes them a considerably easy target for advisors looking to exploit them financially. Ninety percent of abuse comes from family members or trusted others like, financial advisors.

The Fees Vs. Commissions Debate

What is the best way to pay your financial advisor; fees or commissions? A simple question but there is no simple answer. This article is one professional advisor’s view about fees, commissions, and conflicts of interest.

Saving Money at Work

This article is about five ways to save money at your workplace. They help you save thousands of dollars per year.

Cash Advance Lenders Could Begin Your Road To Decrease Stress

By the time it comes down to finances needing online cash advance lenders to make money matters work, budget stresses are already part of life. Whether the trouble began as careless spending or a medical emergency, similar results will happen. Financial stress can lead to many other problems.

Low Cost Payday Loan: Save Fast to Keep The Price Low

Just because you found a low cost payday loan company, it doesn’t mean you can slack on paying it off. Turning a short-term loan into a long-term payment plan is just a silly way of wasting your hard-earned income. You managed to find a lender with low fees, why not finish the loan off by paying the least amount possible?

Guide To Choosing The Best Financial Advisor That Is Right For You

Finding the right investment advisor is a personal process that may have different ways to approach it. There are many different types of planners that you can consult and the trick is to know how to find the most appropriate one just for you.

Mis-Sold Mortgages – Fact Or Fiction?

A lot is now being written about mis-sold mortgages being the new PPI. As always this gets people excited about claiming compensation before they even know the facts. So what is a mis-sold mortgage and how do you go about claiming?

Manage Your Finance Without Credit Cards

People love their credit cards, and it can seem quite difficult choosing to live without them. Society gears itself towards people using credit cards in order to survive. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Payday Loan Companies: Work Out A Fast Payoff Plan

When working with best payday loan companies you can be reassured that your bank account will not be unjustly debited. There are no hidden fees lurking around the corners for an opportunity to grab extra cash from a loan that does not get paid in full on the original due date. Managing your debt is very important, but so is finding honest direct lenders. Make sure you can afford the payoff before you accept the loan. Use the high interest as the incentive to manage your debt efficiently.

3 Easy Money Management Steps

Beginning with easy small steps is the best way to achieve managing money well. Successful money management requires structure. Here are three steps to build a strong financial foundation.

Taking Control of Your Money

Getting a financial education is not difficult. We do not suffer from lack of information. Financial literacy is rarely taught in schools or at home. There are thousands of books, seminars, and coaches who could teach you all there is to know.

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