Is Hyperinflation Coming Soon?

Opening of CIMA Hospital in Guanacaste Signals a Shift Away From Tourism to Retirement

The CIMA hospital is constructing its new hospital next to the Do-it Center and near the international airport. CIMA hospitals are hospitals with built in international medical facilities in every parts of the world. Both foreigners and locals are treated at these hospitals.

Credit Card Review – How to Choose the Right Card for You

There are many credit cards out there. They all offer different incentives to entice you to apply. So how do you wade through the masses of information available, and weigh up the different incentives that are on the market. This Review aims to give you some pointers as to what to look for to choose the right credit card for you.

Tips to Save While You Shop!

Shopping is often perceived as a task that involves spending lots of money, most of which is spent on things that one does not need. From one perspective this could be true but nowadays new avenues have been created to help customers save while they spend!!

Boost Your Retirement Income With An Enhanced Annuity

Over the past 20 years UK annuity rates have fallen dramatically. Where once, a man aged 65 could receive an annuity rate equivalent to 15% per year, now they would be lucky to receive 6% to 7% per year. Fortunately, there’s still some scope to find a better than average annuity income if you are prepared to look that bit harder. One way is to apply for an Enhanced Annuity.

A Retirement Decumulation Journey – The Pie

Switching our brains from an accumulation construct to a decumulation construct is difficult because we spend our entire careers keeping score by focusing just on returns. Returns matter, but the portfolio designed for decumulation will challenge the “highest return possible” mantra we have playing in our heads, so prepare for that and enjoy the retirement process all the more.

Understanding Personal Financial Planning

Successful planning, regardless of what form it takes is essential if you are to succeed in life. Whether it’s planning weekend away or an incredibly complex yearlong project planning forms the very foundations and is integral to success.

Sending Money Online Vs Sending Money Offline

There are always advantages and disadvantages to any situation, and our choices depend on these. Sending money abroad also has its share of pros and cons. Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of transferring money online and transferring money offline:

True Diversification

Ever hear the story of the guy who was rich one day and homeless the next? He wasn’t diversified. Just talk to all the former millionaires that invested only in tech stocks around 1998 and boasted about their wealth before they watched it go to $0.

College Is Expensive – How Can I Send My Child?

Are you overwhelmed with how expensive college is? You may think it is impossible to be able to send your child to college, but this article explains how communication is key to affording college expenses.

Fixed Annuities to Fix Your Old Age

You will be surprised to know that not many young people really bothered about their future income prospects and savings. Their common take on life is to enjoy life first and worry later. But wouldn’t it be too late that after the spending spree, you realized that you are left with little to supplement your income through your old age. Can you imagine yourself continue working while your peers are comfortably enjoying their retirement?

Annuities for The Rainy Days

What is an annuity? Many people especially the young, do not really take much heed about an annuity plan until when they are well into due retirement. If you don’t already know, it is a series of guaranteed payment at fixed intervals and for fixed period of time or for the entire lifetime of an individual.

Beware the I’s of Finance: Insurance, Investments, Identity Theft

We are all likely to experience financial turmoil at some point in our lives and one of the following items will trigger it: insurance, investments, identity theft. Although they each appear to be unique entities, they all hold the potential to dismantle the way of life. Read on to discover how and what you can do to divert calamity.

When Money Management Habits Need A Boost

Whether your debt problems are the result of your poor money management skills or an unforeseen life situation, there is still plenty to learn about personal debt. One of the biggest areas in need of improvement for most people is learning to recognize when finances become a problem. After that it simply takes a little education and effort to develop a plan that works to resolve debt troubles and have a financially healthy future.

Spoiling You Child on a Budget

Have a wish list of toys for your child. This article explains how you can spoil your child to your hearts desire without breaking the bank.

Money Problems Got You Stressed? Go Get a Financial Pizza!

Paying the bills, saving for retirement, sending the kids to college, trying to get a better job or maybe just keeping the one you have, and more all combine to create anxiety and stress. So what can we do today to experience financial peace?

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