If You Want To Be Rich Follow The Money, Not Your Passion

Several Ways to Retire Early

If your goal is to retire early then you’ll have to get started planning for your retirement early. And often, it means that you’ll need to find some kind of lucky break or big payoff to really reach early retirement. There are several major factors that determine whether or not you’ll be able to retire early or have to extend your career for a bit longer. Here are some of the main factors that help you reach early retirement.

Simple Ways to Prepare for Retirement

Preparation for retirement is not something you start carrying out when you are middle aged and have capital to invest. Instead, it’s a situation you must look at and plan your whole lifetime. Effectively preparing your retirement is dependent upon a few important factors.

How to Develop Good Savings Habits

Everyone needs to save money these days. With an uncertain economy, rising prices and tougher borrowing standard, you need to have more money available to feel secure now and to build a future.

9 Steps To Thrive In A Slowing Economy

Increasingly, it looks like the U.S. economy is intrinsically strong but not the economies of our trading partners and international customers. In addition to economic weakness in the Euro zone, there’s the Arab Spring and its likely impact on oil prices, as I mentioned in my earlier commentary on the possibility of a sharp spike in oil prices.

Budgeting for Christmas

The economic crisis that has been sweeping Europe like a storm these past two years may seem to somewhat darken the holiday season. But all hope is not lost for the holiday spender. Here are a few simple tips that will help you and your finances survive the holiday season without having to completely quit playing Santa.

More Mortgage Workshops Pop Up Around the Nation

After months of battling in court and orders to pay millions of dollars in restitution payments, some big banks are taking resolution a step further. Following in the footsteps of many local governments, who offered workshops for struggling homeowners, many lenders are doing the same.

The Golden Rule – Pay Yourself First

If you want to have strong finances in five years, ten years or twenty years from now, it’s essential that you start following the golden rule today. That golden rule is to pay yourself first.

Banks Versus the Consumer – The Double Standard

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently announced that it will be cutting interest rates it charges to banks to a record low 1% from 1.25%.

30 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

Sometimes we hit a hard spot in life and need money fast. To help out we made a list for real people describing easy ways to make money fast.

Avoid Credit Card Debt – 4 Tips to Use Them Wisely

Most people have credit cards and use them to their advantage. One main motivator is collecting frequent flier miles or points to get free products or services. If you pay attention and don’t over spend, credit cards can be a healthy part of your financial plan. If not, you can quickly rack up a lot of debt and not be able to pay it off. Below are a few tips for using credit cards wisely.

Dealing With Debt in Relationships – Overcoming Your Issues

If financial issues are not dealt with appropriately, it will cause fundamental problems in relationships and is the most common reason of disparity between people in both new and established relationships. When it comes to money handling, different people have different attitudes, most often subjective to personal experiences and upbringing.

Worried About Your Finances?

Worried about the economy? Worried how this will impact your savings, investments and ability to make more money? Here are some core practical money saving and money making tips and ideas.

Foreclosures Get Help From Occupy Protestors

After many months of sit-ins, street signs and crowded campgrounds the Occupy movement is shifting its focus onto another area of inequality; unlawful foreclosures and stubborn loan modification practices. This time the protest groups are not only taking on big business, but using some new tactics to stage their point.

First Principle of a Financial Takeover

What is missing from the financial talk today is the characteristic of stewardship. We can eliminate our financial worries if we can take the Bible’s key point of stewardship. Psalm 24:1 declares that, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein…”

Do You Need Actual Damages To Recover Damages Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act?

On November 28, 2011, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding this very issue. The FDCPA allows for recovery of any actual damages, statutory damages sustained and reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs by an individual resulting from a debt collectors violations and in a case involving an individual, any additional damages as the court may allow, not exceeding $1,000.

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