How To Profit From Huge Inflation Ahead (For Beginners)

When A Break Up Leaves You Broke

Break-up, the word word brings to mind images of intense stress and grief. However, beyond the emotional fallout, there can be financial repercussions as well – especially for women. A study in the American Journal of Marriage And Family suggested that when co-habitating unmarried couples part company, women are substantially worse off than men – while men’s household income drops by 10 percent, women lose a whopping 33 percent.

How To Raise A Financially Literate Child

Every parent starts out with an inextricable desire to raise a child who is more successful than the parent. Regardless of how good that parent had it growing up, he or she wants the child to have an easier path than the one the parent traveled.

401K Vs CPF Vs You

CPF is a “comprehensive social security savings plan that has provided many working Singaporeans with a sense of security and confidence in their old age.” It is similar to America’s 401K.

Commodities Research Reports – An Opportunity to Enhance Your Financial Front

The economy of a country depends on the strength of the market that it has within it. India is steadily and rising to become one of the leading economies of the world with a number of different markets which have exponential growth such as the agricultural, industrial, stock exchange real estate and commodity market. These different markets contribute to the significant progress of the economy of the nation.

Investments Prohibited With Your Self-Directed IRA

Self-Directed IRA is a stellar investment vehicle to secure your retirement and roll in an abundance of money to live life to the fullest. Federal tax codes are highly liberal in allowing flexibility to invest in a number of investment options. However, investment firms have stipulated the nature of assets that you can play with so that they can exercise better control over them. Self-directed IRAs are experiencing a humongous growth of annual 25% compared to the tranquil IRA market which is growing at 8%.

5 Effective Ways To Cultivate The Habit Of Saving Money

Saving money is the art of setting aside some amount of money for future use. The singular reason why so many people don’t always get enough money to do what they want or need is because they don’t have a good saving habit. In this article you will learn 6 effective ways to help you start saving money.

Six Myths of Financial Advisors

Most financial consultants are either insurance agents or stock brokers. They are essentially sales people. They earn through your commissions. Most of them don’t care whether you win or lose money in your so-called ‘investments’ with them.

Before You Get a Personal Loan

It can happen to anybody, one day everything is fine and the next your car breaks down or you are faced with a major home repair. If you are like the majority of people, you do not have several thousand-tucked back for these eventualities leaving you with few options. It is at this point a personal loan begins to look very enticing. However, there are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Some Financial Tips That Will Safeguard Your Future

Money management is not as easy as it sounds. However, in order to lead a happy and successful life, it is a must for each and every individual to manage his or her finances effectively. Managing money effectively doesn’t require any special skills or training, it just requires a little understanding and planning.

Repurpose Your Home Inventory

More and more people are learning the value of having an inventory of the contents of their home. Once this information is recorded, you can use it for so many other reasons.

Let Penny Stocks Be The Answer

If dealing in Penny Stocks is such an unproductive form of investment, why is that so many people are forever in search for a share of the profits? Penny Stocks, as it happens, found their origin in the mining districts of Utah, USA in the late 1940s. Unregulated stocks for mining rights for uranium were sold across the coffee counter in a cafe in Salt Lake City. This was more reminiscent of the wild west days than the post World War II era. Today, penny stocks have come to trade all over the country and enjoy international acceptance.

3 Tips for Securing a Great Personal Loan

It can sometimes seem to be a little bewildering when you are considering taking out a personal loan, and are wondering about the different factors that you should bear in mind before proceeding. Well, in this article I am going to give you three top tips about exactly what you should be looking for to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

A Quick Guide to Personal Loans

If you have been seeking a good value loan at a rate that you can afford then it pays to shop around. The rate of interest that you may have to pay for a particular loan can vary from just a few percent for loans from a high-street bank, to tens of thousands of percent for loans from payday lenders.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help You Understand Risk When Planning Your Finances

It is easy to assume that because you have a spread of investments across a variety of asset classes that you are adequately diversified however this is a common mistake that can be made if you don’t use a financial advisor. In order to provide true diversification within an investment portfolio you must look to see the correlation that each of these asset classes have against the other.

Advice on Protecting Your Assets From a Financial Advisor

Protecting your assets is a key part of financial management. As any qualified financial advisor will tell you it is important that all of your hard work in building your assets and other financial pillars is not dismantled through unforeseen events.

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