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Rising School Fees? Speak to the Experts

With many parents seeking any advantage possible to make sure their children are set for the future, private education and rising school fees are at the forefront of their minds. By speaking with a financial adviser, you can begin working towards providing everything your child needs to get the best education they can possibly receive.

Should You Be Better Prepared for Your Police Retirement?

Did you know that less than half of all Americans have done nothing substantial in the way of planning for their retirement? Having spent (30) years as a police officer, I would like to believe these numbers are not reflective of police officers as a group; but in truth, they probably are!

Cash Back From a Debit Card? Check Out Perkstreet Financial’s Checking Account

PerkStreet Financial’s online checking account offers all of the features and options that other online banks offer, along with the ability to offer cash back from purchases made with your debit card. If you don’t like credit cards or writing checks, you can now get rewarded for the purchases that you make.

Money Management For The Whole Family

In today’s economy, it is easy for debts to get out of hand. More people are using credit, not for luxury items, but to cover essential living expenses. Even the most financially stable can’t fight off the threat of bankruptcy if a job is lost or family crisis hits. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your family’s chances of experiencing financial hardships and ending up in the red.

Professional Wealth Management

What is professional wealth management? Wealth management is a form of investment advisory which aims to combine services such as financial planning, investment portfolio management and additional financial services to develop a clear plan allowing individuals to manage their money more effectively. Wealth management consultants can also become independent certified financial planners, chartered wealth managers or any form of credential professional money manager who aim to increase the wealth of longterm investors.

Understanding The Difference Between Rich and Wealthy

Riches and rich people have always fascinated human kind. The people who can buy whatever they want without worrying about affording it or not needing to cut out something from their shopping list because they cannot afford all they want. They can buy the best items and also have money to pay premiums to get hold of products that are in short supply.

It’s Payday!

Ever wondered what to do with your money on payday? Let this article guide you.

Pre-Deployment Financial Considerations for Military Duty

While going through a pre-deployment checklist, money concerns are on the top of the list of the many things service men and women have to think about and organize. You want to make sure that your compensation for serving our country is handled correctly so that the money can make your life easier when you return.

Never Put Your Money in a Unit Trust

Most savers have some of their money in unit trusts (called mutual funds in the US). But are we getting value for money from our unit trust managers? Or are they just skimming off hundreds of millions in fees while failing to provide any reasonable growth for savers?

Beware Free ‘How To Get Rich’ Seminars

In the US and Britain hundreds of thousands of people every year attend free seminars on how to get rich by investing, or trading in shares, or foreign exchange or building a property empire. But who is really getting rich? The people attending the seminars? Or the supposed “financial experts” giving the seminars?

Why You Should Never Trust a Financial Journalist

The press and TV are full of financial journalists all eager to tell us how to grow our savings. But can we really trust what they write and say? Probably not.

Beware of These Bank Rip-Offs (1)

Banks and financial advisers have many ways of taking our money. In a series of articles, author David Craig warns of some of the banks’ and financial advisers’ worst ways of ripping off their customers.

Clean Up Your Credit Score

Get a free credit report. You can receive a free credit report one every 12 months.

Financial Ombudsman Service and Debt Management Plan Complaints

FOS (the Financial Ombudsman Service) works behind the scenes to help companies working in the financial services industry avoid the generation of complaints in the first instance. As well as touring the country to meet businesses face-to-face, they issue a newsletter which includes statistics on complaints and trends. It also provides examples of cases they have resolved, either in favour of the complainant or the company which was being complained about. The most recent issue focused on debt in general and included two examples of debt management plan complaints that had landed on their desks.

Why Coupons, Online Promo Codes, and Extreme Couponing Are Doomed

Coupon codes and promo codes allow online shoppers to obtain discounts that they normally wouldn’t when purchasing an item. Extreme couponing allows carts full of products to go out the door for pennies. In this depressed economy, people all over want to know “how to coupon?” All these discounts and in fact the entire method of coupon shopping, is doomed. Why are coupons doomed? There are a number of reasons to support the doom of both printed coupons and electronic coupon codes. New technology is a prime reason. Limiting fraud is another. Finally, new forms of advertising and discounting will combine to form a new method of shopping.

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