How to Make the Most Out of Your Spring Break

What Are Binary Options? And Why Trade Them?

In the last few years the popularity of trading binary options has shot through the roof. This article explains what binary options are and why they have become so popular.

Post-Retirement Fun With Real Estate Investments

Whether you are one of the baby boomer generation or the elderly who are going to retire shortly, effective investment schemes are very important for you. Here is how you can ensure a financially protected retired life with prudent real estate investments.

Top Benefits Of Fixed Term Deposits

Do you have a large amount of savings and are not sure how to make the most of it? Term deposits are a great way to increase your savings without the gamble of investing.

Retirement Saving Tips for Middle Aged People

When you are approaching the age of 40, it is important to start saving for retirement. If you haven’t managed to put enough money aside for your retirement days, now it is the right time to start saving. However, saving money won’t be easy.

Financial Advice for College Graduates

It is always a good idea to invest in education. A college diploma opens up a lot of opportunities, but you have to know how to take advantage of them. Since you have spent most of your life in a safe environment (family, school), the real world may shock you.

Gifts That Keep Giving: Charitable Gift Annuities and Remainder Interests

Charitable giving is ultimately a matter of helping a cause about which you care deeply. But your needs or circumstances may restrict the ways in which you can comfortably give. In these cases, a more creative strategy, such as a charitable gift annuity or a remainder interest, may allow you to realize charitable intentions that would be burdensome otherwise.

The Shocking Truth Behind Government Grants

Information on Government grants. Article shows the pitfalls of Government grants and offers an immediate alternative.

Prepaid Payroll Cards Are the Best Alternative to Paper Paychecks

Paying employees with paper paychecks is becoming an archaic method for administering payroll these days. Since most consumers don’t pay for their purchases by paper check, it only makes sense for company payroll to catch up. Many businesses are now paying employees with prepaid payroll cards, which are reloadable and allow employers to deposit wages directly to a card as a low-cost and more efficient check alternative.

The Last Word On Retirement Planning

This column tells everything you need to know about managing your money in retirement. But you may not like it.

On Money Traps And Your Growing Debt

Money traps are mostly rooted on what society considers as the norm. This is probably why a lot of us are in debt right now. By identifying what the money traps are, we may be able to develop smart spending habits and thus stop the growth of our respective debts.

Do Not Dismiss The Fine Print!

The fine print of many transactions can certainly affect your financial freedom. Come and see why you need to scrutinize this area of any deal.

Financial Services Jargon Explained

To the layman, the world of loans, credit cards and financial services can be confusing. In the following simple guide we demystify some of the jargon associated with financial service products.

Useful Tips On How To Save Gas

We all know gas is expensive. Owning a car in general can be very expensive. We know there’s been lots of advice on how to conserve gas and make every tank last as long as possible. I have a few simple methods which I utilize everyday when possible. Some people just REFUSE to change their driving habits. BUT… regardless, there’s absolutely no reason why these methods can’t be used… at least semi-regularly.

SMSF Auditing With an Approved SMSF Auditor

Self Managed Super Funds is something that you can use after your retirement. You can also use this fund to invest in any kind of property if it comes under the rules. However, it is essential to carry out SMSF audit once in a year. According to Australian Tax Office, it should be only undertaken by SMSF auditors as they aware of all the legal and taxation obligations about SMSF.

Seven Ways To Save On Fuel When You Are Driving

In this recession hit world of ours almost all of us are always seeking ways to save money. Probably the second highest monthly expenditure behind the mortgage is expenditure on petrol or diesel. When we are driving around we often look at the various fuel stations to find out where the best prices are and then we try and use that particular station as much as possible. However the biggest saving on fuel is on how you actually drive.

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