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Popular Trend: Using Personal Loans For Home Loan Deposits

Currently most home loan applicants are required to have at least a 5 percent to 10 percent deposit to secure their property finance, that’s excluding the extra attorney costs and property taxes and fees. But, these days more clients are using unsecured personal loans for their home loan deposits. Is this a good idea?

Can Corporate Dividends Provide Retirement Security?

Businesses generate income, which retirees need. What if more stocks paid dividends and more retirees owned stocks?

The Seventh Step To Financial Freedom: Financial Education

Financial education is the seventh step to financial freedom. Since most high schools do not teach much of this, you need to learn it on your own. This will serve you well throughout life.

The Fifth Step To Financial Freedom: The Magic Of Compound Interest

This fifth step in the financial freedom series will shed some light on a poorly understood concept needed to secure your future. Learning all about compound interest is an eye opener to say the least. Come on down and take a look.

The Fourth Step To Financial Freedom: Investing 101

This fourth installment in the financial freedom series is designed to teach you the basics about finance that you should have learned in high school. Check out these basic concepts that so many young people have no idea about!

The Third Step To Financial Freedom: Buying A Car

This is the third in the financial freedom series. Here you will learn all about the right way and wrong way when buying a car. People are constantly taking on too much debt to drive a car above their budget just to impress other individuals, most of which they don’t even know!

The Benefits of a Fixed Annuity

As a safe and reliable investment tool, fixed annuities provide a steady return. The returns are low as compared to other annuity options, yet a majority of the investors choose to go for a fixed rate annuity. There are various benefits of a fixed annuity that make it an ideal investment alternative.

Selecting the Best Variable Annuity for You

Will you have enough money after retirement? This is a question invading the minds of millions of people at present. The ongoing recession has made people all the more cautious about their future. They are willing to explore all possible investment options available to them. In this situation, a variable annuity is one of the best investment tools.

How Does a Pension Annuity Work?

If you are thinking of retiring and have saved in a personal pension, a key decision will be how you will turn those savings into the best possible secure and regular income for the rest of your life. There are many options to consider and in the UK, the most popular approach is to purchase a pension annuity.

Mistakes To Avoid To Maintain Good Credit Score

Achieving a favorable credit score can take some time for many people, particularly those facing debts. As such, it is wise to maintain it for the long term to enable you to avail of the benefits that go with having a good score.

SMART Savings

This articles talks about proper goal setting to achieve success. I apply the SMART principle to a simple savings example.

Four Effective Wealth Management Strategies You Should Know

The term wealth management started in the 90’s among financial institutions that provided consultation to their richest clients. They helped these patrons address the issues of managing their wealth as it grew and they aged. In this article, let’s talk about four effective wealth management strategies that have been around for decades and how they may be of help to you too.

How to Invest in Rice: 5 Suggestions for the Savvy Investor

Ever thought about how to invest in rice? This article will provide 5 suggestions on how a savvy investor could get involved in this commodity market. Until recently the opportunity for the retail investor to invest directly into rice farm land would not have been possible.

Want To Save Money? Here Are 6 Tips To Make Your Wallet A Little Thicker!

The key to having more money is less about what you make and more about what you spend. Cutting back in some surprising areas can help you save big in the course of a year. Making a few tweaks to your expenditures can even help you avoid filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

QROPS – Good News for UK Pension Holders

It used to be that UK nationals living as “expats” and maintaining UK pension funds had few options but to keep their pensions in the UK until collection at the required age. With the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS), approved in April of 2006, foreign nationals were granted unique governance of their pensions. This scheme allows for UK pension transfers to other HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) approved pension schemes, in another jurisdiction/country.

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