How To Make People Respect You & Stop Them From Making Fun of You

Talking About Finances In Your Marriage: How To Move From Reactivity Into Creativity

Most of us are committed to learning how to move past our blocks to creating financial success and prosperity in our lives and in our marriage. But why is it that when you add your spouse and money conversations to the mix that it seems like you suddenly create the ingredients for the perfect storm? Have you ever wondered why it is it that you can be so committed to conscious financial growth in your life and suddenly go completely bonkers when your partner makes even the most seemingly benign money request?

For Me? Really?

One of the nicest gifts each of us will receive this year is from the federal government. No, really. In late December, President Obama signed a year-long tax bill discounting payroll tax rates.

What Are Your Money Messages and Motivations?

Here is a solution: resolve to be an independent thinker, who buys only those “need-to” things that are best for you. At the end of the day, it is not how much you got; it is how little you spent.

Run Your Home for Less

Paying for your house   I you haven’t bought a house, but know when you will be ready to buy one, one – to five – year CDs and US Treasury notes will accumulate money for your down payment.   Most 401-K savings plans allow you to borrow from your account to buy a home. Interest payments on that loan go back into your account.

Saving Money: Buying Software

As a small business owner myself, I know exactly how much you can spend starting up a new business, particularly on all the software you need for graphic design packages, email packages, email marketing packages, spreadsheets etc. It’s huge!

The Many Factors That Influence Personal Finance

I have come about my personal finance education the hard way. I honestly think that personal finance should be a part of every high school student’s mandatory education. Actually I have worked since I was 16 during the summers, and I thought I knew plenty about money, until later when I realized that I knew practically nothing.

Steps to Perfect Retirement Planning

We all are living in present world and often we ignore the future. The lifestyle which we are maintaining in the early days of our career, will we be able to maintain same kind of lifestyle during our retirement days. If you want to live the same kind of life style which you had maintained during early days of your earning, then you need to do planning for your finances. More early you will start planning for your finance, more wealth in the form of savings you will have at your retirement age.

A New Global Food Crisis Is Imminent: Do You Know How to Prepare?

As the flood of troubling news continues to stream from the mouths of our leaders and the news tickers on our computers, we have yet one more catastrophe to worry about, a global food crisis. Recently, the UN warned of the potential of a “food price shock” if prices continue to climb. The reasons for the increased upward pressure on prices is varied, ranging from the cost of oil and fuel, floods down under and record breaking heat waves in Latin America.

Idiot’s Guide To Investing III

There are investors accredited investors and “qualified investors” in the country of America. Investopedia explains Accredited Investor this way: 1. In order for an individual to qualify as an accredited investor, he or she must accomplish at least one of the following: 2.

Pocket Friendly Ways of Eating Out

When your household income dips, your week-end visit to restaurant is the first thing you renounce. Here are some smart moves to ensure that you continue with your culinary delights.

Simple Tips for a Wealthier 2011

Kick off the New Year by making a viable spending plan. Make a commitment to manage your finances. A savings and spending plan, whether for home or for business, is an integral part of how you manage your home and business resources. A plan helps you focus on your wants and needs, and directs where you devote time and energy.

Idiot’s Guide To Investing II

I swear the market knows when you are investing. You put your money in and bam, down goes the stock’s price. You need to pay off something and bam, down goes the stock’s price.

Idiot Guide To Investing I

America is a land where prosperity and opportunity may be found. The problem is that most of us aren’t looking very hard for opportunities or prosperity.

Financial Independence With 3 Failsafe Internet Investment Tips

The internet offers a lot of opportunities to make money. But it is also full of danger zones and pitfalls for the unwary investor. Learn how to know the rules, keep safe and grow rich.

CD Rates and More – A Look Back at 2010 and a Look Ahead to 2011

2010 is done. I thought I would do a post and give some of my perspective on last year and what could happen in 2011. I don’t have a crystal ball so I could be way off.

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