How to Make Money And Become Rich With the Stock Market

How to Combat Debt, Even When the Marketplace Is Struggling

In the current recuperating economy, you can find several possibilities in terms of overcoming debt. Debt management is definitely an option which has turned out to give good results for many.

Investor Returns Vs Investment Returns

The primary requirement for successful investment performance is excellent investor behavior. Learn more about what makes for a successful investor and what mistakes to steer away from.

How to Plan a Wedding Without Spending a Bundle

Your wedding day is one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. However, you shouldn’t be having to pay for it for the rest of your life. Making sure you preserve a leash on your wedding spending is imperative.

The Personal Economy (Misinformation Overload)

There is never a shortage of information about personal finance, wealth building, debt consolidation, etc. The issue is the driver behind the information and the value that it may or may not add. We need to ensure that we consistently view information in light of the senders motivation. Let the buyer beware? You bet, and more so now than ever as information increases and bombard every area of our lives…

Real Financial Freedom Now!

Many of us are really angry over the daily grind of going to work to make just enough (if you’re lucky) to cover the bills but likely still need to borrow money from friends or family to get through the rest of the month. It’s demeaning, humiliating and exhausting. And not worth it!

Retirement In Diaspora: Are You Preparing For It? Feedback From Nigerians – Part 2

One has to think about one’s self and spouse first. When you REALLY need them, you cannot Western-Union back the funds you should have saved and invested in your working years.

Where to Get a Loan?

Nowadays when the money is being tight, many people struggle to make both ends meet. Taking out a loan might seem to be the best solution, however one must be more than careful when applying for a loan. If you need a loan urgently, read the following article to make sure you avoid being trapped by scams!

Choosing a Financial Advisor: Meeting Your Goals

You don’t need to be rich to consider the services of a financial advisor. Anyone who wants to make sure they are doing what’s best with whatever money that have can benefit from the wisdom of someone who knows dollars and cents. Here’s how to find the best one for your purposes.

0% Interest Rates and Your Retirement

A recent article by Michael Finke, professor and coordinator of the doctoral program in personal financial planning at Texas Tech University, points to a problem we financial planners have been having for the last several years-a problem we might not be able to shed soon. The problem is interest rates, particularly interest rates near zero. The immediate impact of this problem is pretty simple: Money is cheap for borrowers but for savers, particularly retirees, income is hard to find. The portfolios that our grandparents lived on (spending the dividends and interest but never the principal) are portfolios that cannot be built easily today unless you have more money than you really need. Within this problem is the issue of projecting rates of return for financial plans.

Avoiding Budget Surprises

Like most Americans, you might be struggling with your family’s budget. If so, chances are that you’re forgetting some of these key budget categories.

Benchmark Lending Rate Versus the Prime Interest Rate

In essence, the benchmark lending rate can be described as the interest rate that the bank has to pay when the institution borrows money from another bank or large corporation. The benchmark rate is to be distinguished from the prime rate of the banks, as the latter expresses the minimum and individual interest rate settled by the bank and on top of which the institution places additional charges based on the level of risk of the borrower. The benchmark rate is typically used by banks to determine the realistic prime lending rate (PLR) that they should charge and it helps…

Why Use a Specialist Pension and Retirement Advisor

There are some things in life you can cut corners with and do yourself. Things like DIY, learning a language from home, learning marketing techniques for your business or how to service your car. Obviously in all cases you will get a better result if you use a professional but there are some things that you really need to hire in expertise.

Tips for Mid Income Working Class Families to Survive These Challenging Economic Times

It has never been a better time to recognize the state of our economy and look closer at how it has affected you. It is time to have a more proactive approach if you are going to survive these challenging economic times.

3 Money Saving Tips Which Just Don’t Work

Whether you’re using IVA help to manage your debts, or just looking to economise to avoid the whole debt spiral, there are some common money saving tips you should avoid like the plague. Learn which tips just don’t work and save yourself some pain here!

Holiday Saving – Be Smart With Your Money

Going on holiday is something we look forward to all year. Whether it’s to get some well-earned rest from work or studies, or just to top up on some sun in a nice climate, going away can do us all a great deal of good. However, it can be difficult to save up enough money in time, and we often get caught out by a combination of unexpected costs and unrealistic budgeting, which can put a dampener on the fun. Here are some tips on how to save for, and during, your holiday.

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