How To Make Millions In The Next Market Crash

Money and Finances in the 21st Century

What does planetary and human evolution tell us about our financial and economic future? Just this! Human evolution can not be seen as separate from cosmic evolution.

Crude Oil and the World Market

The crude oil market has sold off more than 25% of its value in the last month. It has gone from trading at over $90 per barrel down to $67 per barrel. The sell-off has been based on two primary concerns; First, the continuing slowdown in Europe and secondly, the growing strength of the U.S. Dollar.

Personal Wealth – Three Simple Personal Cash Flow Strategies

Personal cash flow strategies make a night and day difference in your capability to succeed at personal wealth building. These days, a steady paycheck is simply a means of trading hours for dollars and giving the majority of your time towards helping someone else build their dreams. This is why your best course of action when it comes to building a solid investment strategy is self education.

Personal Wealth Building – Powerspending in Action

Personal wealth building success starts and ends with your spending habits. The wealthiest people in America (the Forbes 400 that is) all have one thing in common when it comes to their financial habits: their spending is always directed towards financial freedom.

Personal Wealth Building – 6 Steps to Guide Your Search For a Partner in Building Personal Wealth

Starting and expanding your business or investment program may require you to seriously look for a partner that will facilitate a successful and profitable outcome. Finding that partner can be very challenging, must not be taken lightly, and might be the only way to successfully close the deal.

Investments and Where to Invest and How Our Money Can Be Safe and Secure During Insecure Times

Investments, and where to invest, and how to invest, and why we should invest, are questions and issues that face thousands and millions. In my mail today there was delivered a specialised magazine advert about investing and investments, giving tips which appeared to be water tight!

Wealth Building 101 – Why You Need a Coach

Being coached is not always a pleasant experience. I don’t particularly enjoy being told what I am doing wrong but I know my coaches have my best interests at heart and they give me positive feedback along with the constructive criticism.

How to Make Big Bucks With Little Risks Using Value Investing

If you want to earn money from the stock market and be well on your way towards a nice retirement without taking large risks you may want to look into value investing. When used properly, the value investing stock strategy allows you to safely trade using a basic proven formula that offers little risks but large returns over time.

Staying in the Game – Ways to Become Rich

This is a general principle of winning that can more specifically be applied to what it takes to become rich. So often when people look at the ultra-successful, they view those people as “fortunate” or “lucky”. What they don’t see are the many hours, days and years of work, sacrifice, disappointment, and struggle that it typically takes to get to the point where you have become rich.

The Outsider Code and Exchange Traded Funds

The financial system dominated by Wall Street and the big international banks demonstrably does not work. Savers have seen their wealth diminish or disappear and the systems that were put in place supposedly to protect them have failed. As banks go bust and fund managers go to jail, ordinary investors must take matters into their own hands.

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) are known as ‘safest of the safe’ investment types. TIPS provide protection against inflation. The fundamental of TIPS are, it increases with inflation and decreases with deflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index. When investment on TIPS matures, the investor is paid the adjusted principal or original principal, whichever is greater.

How to Get Rich by Generating a Passive Income

There are a lot of different ways to get rich but one thing is for certain, in order to get rich you need to generate a passive income. Not many people have been able to generate enough passive income to be financially free. That is until now. This article holds the information you need to become financially free and rich.

Why You Need Passive Income

Just imagine. If you can no longer go to work the next morning, how long will you survive without your active income? What is the actual number of years you will survive when you stop working? That’s the measure of your wealth!

Why a Small Investor Can Beat the Market But the Mutual Fund Manager Cannot

In this article, the ability of the small investor to beat the major market indexes over the long term is discussed. In particular, the small investor can beat the market because he/she can invest in just the stocks expected to outperform the others. The mutual fund manager, because…

Step by Step to Be Wealthy – Discover The Power of Compound Interest

It is important you learn how to invest and start investing as young as possible. Why? For a $100 a month, you can lose more than $2 million if you wait.

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