How To Make Better Decisions In Life and Work

Successful Habits: How to Be Wealthy Without Being Rich

Being rich means having money, being wealthy means having choice and freedom. You don’t need a lot of money in the bank to live like a millionaire you need…

How To Do An Early Retirement Reality Check

Learn how to do a retirement reality check and understand your actions today influence your life tomorrow. Ask 6 questions before you buy stuff and save money.

Secondary Tax Liens

You can increase your chances of foreclosing on a tax lien by buying secondary tax liens ready to foreclose from another tax lien investor. Why would an investor want to sell you their lien when it’s ready to foreclose?

The Secret to Staying Debt Free

There is a reason why wealthy men are able to save, invest, and still have money for fun while the rest are doomed to a life of scarcity. Most people relate financial responsibility with a life of limit and want, but the truth is that once you master some basic principles you will be able to pay your bills, save some cash and still have some fun…

How Kept Things Affect Your Money

I stood before my kitchen cabinets, step stool at the ready. The task ahead of me felt daunting yet at the same time exhilarating. I had promised myself I would do this. I even told a good friend I was going to do it. I was excited to begin the task. A bit anxious as well. I opened the first cabinet door. What was I about to do?

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