How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

How to Add Two More Power Hours Every Week

Is time giving you fits? Time, that precious commodity: you just have only so much time. You must make the most of it. If you’re feeling strapped for time, it’s because you’re like 94.7% of financial advisors. You suffer from time fits.

Easy, Painless, Cure For Public Speaking Fear

I just gave a webinar to help financial advisors grow their practice. I feel I did a good job. I felt comfortable and confident during the whole time. But I remember the days when talking to a group terrified me. My knees shook. My stomach threatened to reject my lunch. I couldn’t look anybody in the eye. It was pretty bad. All that changed when I discovered a technique to literally erase my fears.

Referrals – How to Ask Without Asking

Do you hesitate to ask for referrals out of concern that it will hurt the relationship with your clients? Or do you think it’s a waste of time? What stops many advisors and causes them to tense up is when they feel they’re asking for a favor. And this can be true if clients feel pressured. One advisor was so relentless asking for referrals that a client referred his paperboy just to stop the interrogation.

Are You Still Using Product Oriented Cavemen Selling Methods?

Are you struggling to get more profitable clients? Wondering if there’s some secret to easily getting a steady flow of them? Well, yes there is. I stumbled upon it when I was a green 23-year-old life insurance agent back in the 1950s (yes, I’m that old and still love what I do).

Moving From Lack to Wealth in 5 Minutes

When your mind is properly tuned toward wealth accumulation, you’ll feel positive, powerful, and confident in your ability to reach the outcome you desire. But if you’re fixated on your current situation, your own mind can sabotage your progress, making you feel stuck, stagnant, and hopeless. If you find yourself in need of a mindset shift, try this simple exercise to move you from worrying about your bills to feeling wealthy in about 5 minutes.

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