How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset

If your head is where it needs to be to accumulate wealth, you’ll feel confident, positive and powerful. But if your mind is sabotaging your progress, then lack will rule your day and worry will rule your nights. You cannot be in a lack state of mind and create wealth. So how do you get your mind in alignment with your goals to create prosperity?

You Are Never Too Broke to Save Money – Truth or Fiction?

The internet is saturated with articles about how to save money, and we all understand how important it is to save. If your income is barely enough to cover your monthly expenses, however, saving may be the last thing on your mind. But saving when you’re broke is possible, no matter how challenging.

Find Your Hidden Cash

Everyone could do with some more cash. But you don’t need to ask for a raise to generate more cash flow. In fact getting a raise is not the answer.

My Review of Nationwide’s New Indexed Annuity

Find out whether the Nationwide New Heights Indexed Annuity makes the grade. There are several good things about this product.

Live Below Your Means And You Will Eventually Get Above Them

Sacrificing some luxuries today is a good trade off to be financially secure tomorrow. Too many people live way above their means and fall into a trap for life.

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