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Easy Steps To Financial Management

We go to work, come home, pay our bills, and still keep asking ourselves the same question – “Why is there always so much MONTH left at the end of the MONEY?” So many well-paid people are living paycheck to paycheck and have nothing to show for their long hours of hard labor. If you think you can’t afford that summer vacation or get that car repaired when it needs to be, think again.

Never Co-Sign Your Retirement Away

There is a new retirement reality for those that are in their mid-50s or older. For these people, who are trying to save aggressively, or even retire, the topic of having children move back home is a touchy one. As parents, we all want to help our kids in any way we can. Yet for many, the thought of going back to life with children in the house may not help the finances. Many parents will sign up for this though, and do so with open arms. Keeping your children on their own might even add more pain than letting them move back in.

Learning How To Earn Big Money Fast, What You Need To Know About It

It is not hard to understand why so many people today want to know how to earn big money fast. The reason is clear. It all has to do with the economy.

What Are You Going To Do The Next Time You Need To Make Money Fast?

Are you among the many today who need to make money fast? If so, you probably already realize that this is not going to happen using just your day job. While it is true that everyone has to have a steady flow of income, it is not true that anyone has to constantly be beholden to the boss who holds all the purse strings.

Financial Help For Retirement – Tutoring For Extra Money (While Keeping Your Brain Alert)

Retired teachers, accountants, business professionals, managers, secretaries, homemakers and so many others are earning extra retirement income by putting their skills and talents to use as tutors — an idea that helps keep the brain active, as well. So how do they get started? How do they find students who will pay?

Is Financial Planning Necessary For Financial Freedom?

Financial planning is more than just dollars and cents. If you expect to reach true financial freedom, than you need to spend some time with all of the sub-plans that make up a full financial planning picture such as tax planning, estate planning, budget planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and of course investment planning.

Cash Flow 101 Does Affect Your Financial Freedom

Cash flow is something that many people take for granted. That is why they run out of money every month before they run out of month! Find out what it takes to secure your financial freedom with cash flow 101.

Learn To Become Debt Free Today For A Better Future

If you could become debt free right now, you could focus all your energy towards building a better tomorrow. Learn how to become debt free by reorganizing your needs and your wants. Your financial freedom depends upon it.

Recession: Remembering, and Lessons Learned

Let’s not forget what we’ve been through with the recent recession and, more importantly, let’s take away the lessons that period taught us and learn from them. This article offers a quick recession refresher and recommends an appropriate response.

Marriage and Your Finances

When you and your loved one decide to tie the knot, there are a few things you may want to think about. One of these is your finances.

Get “Paid” to Save 25%-50% on Groceries

Learn 5 easy tips for saving 25%-50% on groceries while getting “paid” with gift cards. These tips allow you to save time, energy, and, most importantly, money.

Personal Development And Your Financial Freedom

Everyone needs to have a personal development plan in place if they ultimately would like to achieve financial freedom. When you expand your mind, the boundaries of what you can achieve will expanding outward. Life will take on new meaning for you as you start to realize exactly what is important and what is not.

Identity Theft, Fastest Growing Crime in America

As a person who has been in the identity business for over 10 years and traveling around the mid-west giving identity theft workshops I wanted to pass along some educational material to the readers on identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft has been the NUMBER ONE consumer complaint for TWELVE consecutive years. Here are just a few facts: There are currently over 27,000 NEW identity theft victims EVERY DAY!

Myths With Respect to Grants for Single Mothers

A single parent can either be the father or the mother of a child, who is referred to as the dominant caregiver of the child; it is the single parent who takes care of the daily responsibilities involved in raising the child. And, when it’s the mother of the child, the extent of the dilemma is unexplainable. They not only face the dilemma of raising a child, but also are denied several assistance and grants. Moreover, there are certain myths associated with grants for single mothers. It is these myths that refrain single moms from availing the grants allotted for single mothers by the government.

Is Buy and Hold Investing Dead?

The time for buy and hold investing is dead! At least that’s what its critics say.

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