How to Have Better Work Life Balance

Three Investing Myths To Unlearn Before Investing

The Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing program, a euphemism for pumping money into the economy, is fueling rising stock markets. This could entice even more folks to invest in stocks because they might see opportunities to ‘make money.’ Beware; before investing, at least, ensure you dispel three popular investment myths, and understand the potential investment’s opportunity cost.

The Financial Crisis Is Not Helped By Excessive Currency Printing

Let’s say your savings and investments are worth $100,000 in total. Let’s say that there are $100 billion in the economy. Let’s say that the government has the central bank issue a check (based upon a zero balance) to the treasury to print an extra $100 billion which is placed in the economy. With twice as many dollars now in the economy, how much will your $100,000 be worth as compared with its value before the $100 billion was printed and added to the economy? Say $50,000. But, with the interest rate on your original $100,000 at 1%, the interest you’re gaining is $1,000 per year. However, at a reduced value of $50,000 in capital, your interest gained becomes $500. And if the interest rate is reduced to 0.5%, your interest gained will be $250. Happy? I doubt it!

Online Tax Sales With Short Redemptions

Everybody wants to know which states have the highest interest rates and the shortest redemption periods. Many are interested in redeemable deed states that have steep penalties, like Texas where the redemption period is only 6 months and the penalty is 25%, or Georgia where the penalty is 20% and the redemption period one year.

Eligibility Criteria For the Pell Grant: A Checklist

Pell Grants are government awards for higher education, highly coveted as they do not have to be paid back. Our checklist will let you quickly determine whether you may be eligible for this great source of money for school.

How to Quickly Earn Extra Money

Sooner or later, most people find themselves in a situation where they could use a little bit of extra money. There are several things that can be done in order to earn money and you may want to choose one of these, depending upon how quickly you need to make it.

Proms and Weddings – Are They Worth It?

Parents spend – I didn’t say “invest”-a lot of money into their daughters’ high school prom and eventual wedding. Many thousands of dollars. Does this teach your daughter well about handling money? Or does it support and encourage the everyday materialism and traditions without good financial planning rationale? I submit in this article that it is more of the latter and does no favor to them, to reinforce such values in them.

Teaching Your Teens About Money

Junior prom, senior prom, average parents now spend is about $1,200 on each of those events for their child to attend. Trips. Brand-name clothing. Is it a good use of money? What does the child learn about money’s value?

What Type of Pension Do I Have?

In the UK there are many different types of pension vehicles that offer a plethora of benefits and with those, risks. This article sets out to provide the various different benefits and risks of each product to help you understand what you can expect from your pension on retirement.

Financial Crisis: Taking The First Step To Recovery

The ongoing financial crisis is getting worse, with increasing real unemployment, decreasing (near zero) interest rates, and governments convinced that recapitalizing banks is the way to go. Banks just borrow the funds at zero interest and lend it back to the government at 3% or thereabouts, leaving little or nothing to go back into the economy in order to stimulate the development of businesses, employment, and growth. Measures need to be taken to protect oneself and one’s family from the worst of the financial crisis to come.

Advantages Of Hiring Best Compliance Consulting Firm

Compliance consulting service providers deals with the whole complex procedure involved in the compliance registration and makes investment procedure very simple for the investors. They use high-tech and advanced web based technologies to co-ordinate the whole registration procedure.

Cash Value Type Life Insurance Policies True or False?

Reviewing your life insurance policies on a regular basis may save you a lot of money and strife in the future. There are many misconceptions regarding cash value type life insurance policies, here are a few items to consider.

Laying the Foundation to Retire Early in 3 Steps

If you are looking to retire early, you need solid advice on how to accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, most personal finance articles focus on retiring at 65. This article will lay the foundation for you to retire early.

How to Make a Budget – College Edition

I am going to discuss the steps you should take to create a personal budget. This is directed more towards college students for a starter’s budget.

Relocation Can Provide A Boost To Your Retirement Finances

Relocation in retirement can help or hinder your finances. This article provides a discussion, resources, and a method for assessing various locations of interest to you. The author has done a deep dive into this topic and provides you with useful guidance that can help you decide whether and where to move.

Saving Money On A Mortgage

Interest rates are at historic lows but you still need to shop around if you hope to find a mortgage with the most competitive terms out there. By knowing how to qualify and secure a mortgage in this post financial crisis economy you will make a truly informed decisions.

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